Police Notice 11 July 2016

Please see the Police Notice 11 July 2016 below

Now we are well and truly into the summer months we thought this would be a timely reminder to everyone to be vigilant against bogus callers and rogue traders.

The impact of doorstep crime on its victims should not be underestimated and can leave people feeling vulnerable, embarrassed and isolated for months and years to come.

Bogus Callers are individuals who try to gain entry to peoples’ homes usually on the following pretexts:

  • that they work for organisations such as the Council, Scottish Water, Scottish Power, British Gas, Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) and they urgently need access to the house. These people may use ID cards, fluorescent jackets, clipboards and the like to bolster their credibility, or
  • that their car has overheated just round the corner (out of sight) and they need some water to put into the radiator, or
  • that they need to take prescribed medication but need a glass of water to get the tablets down.

These criminals may even work in pairs but ultimately their aim is to get into the victim’s home and steal from them.

Rogue Traders are ‘workmen’ who ‘cold call’ at a house, often pointing out an apparently worrying or dangerous ‘situation’ such as an overhanging tree branch or damaged roof which needs urgent attention and it just so happens they can help. If allowed to give an estimate for the work, these rogues will sometimes cause the damage which they claim to have spotted, thereby justifying their presence and expense.  Another tactic these individuals use is to offer to do work such as tar a drive for a small sum, using spare materials left over from another job nearby. These people can also be very insistent.

The Nominated Neighbour Scheme is designed for the vulnerable or elderly to have a neighbour assist them when they have a caller at their door. The nominated neighbour can help verify the nature of the caller and make any checks on them if required and confirm if they are genuine or not. The nominated neighbour will help and support you should you have any bogus callers or rogue traders at your door and help send them on their way.

For more information on this topic please see the Police Scotland website at the following link:


There is also a short video on YouTube at this following link