Befriending in Our Community

Befriending in Our Community

Can you offer companionship?  Want to get involved in our local community?  Have 2 or 3 hours to spare every week or fortnight?

Becoming a Sue Ryder volunteer is a great way to gain skills and meet new people.  It can also be a very meaningful way of giving something back.  We’re looking for volunteers to become Befrienders to people living near you.

Our Self Management Service supports people aged 18+ with conditions such as M.S., Parkinson’s and strokes.   It may involve chatting over a cup of tea, walking to the park, going shopping, etc.  This time is greatly appreciated by the people we support and their families.

As one of our Befrienders describes:  “We always laugh and share joy.  Her sensitivity, emotions and life experiences make it a pleasure to be by her side”.

For more information call Julie Scoullar on 01224 896339.