Bus Survey March 2017

Bus Service Use March 2017

The X40 and 11 bus services will be withdrawn by 3rd April and Aberdeen City Council intends to provide a partial replacement by extending the 94 service to Kingswells. It currently runs between ARI and the crematorium at Hazlehead.  It is not clear when the service will start, but hopefully it will be on 3rd April to prevent a break in service. The new X94 and 94 service will be temporary until ACC can find a better solution.

A copy of the timetable is included on kwells.org . The X94 will loop the village and the P&R every 15 minutes at peak times and the 94 will loop the village, P&R, Crematorium and ARI every 60-75 minutes off-peak.  There will be no evening or weekend services.

KCC welcomes any measure to provide public transport in Kingswells but this cannot be more than a stop-gap.  It is unlikely to meet the needs of many existing users who depend on a convenient, reliable and frequent service.  With that in mind, KCC wants to conduct a proper survey of existing bus usage in Kingswells.  Where are people travelling to and when?

Bus Use Questionnaire

It is very important that everyone completes this survey as the existing statistics provided by First Group are questionable.  KCC will share the results with Aberdeen City  Council.

If you don’t use the bus service, please complete the last question to explain what would need to change to make you use the service.

If you use the bus service into or out of Kingswells please complete the questionnaire.

Aberdeen City Council are keen to learn the purpose of your journey and the final destination. Please elaborate on this in your response.


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Map of Bus Stops in Kingswells