Cabinet 12 Now Live

Superfast broadband is now available for Cabinet 12

See email below from BT.


Hi Ian

Apparently the word is out! Cabinet 12 went live last week.

People should now be able to confirm availability through the interactive map ( the URL is under my signature) by using their telephone number. Then the choice is theirs, they can shop around for a new service provider, or upgrade their current service.

We, as you know have no influence over the ISPs, or their terms and conditions so consumers must make the decision that fits them best. Please bear in mind also that the cabinet only went live last week, so it does generally take 10 days, give or take for service to be offered, which could take us into next week. We have no control or visibility on that.

I haven’t forgotten that connectivity is a huge issue in Kingswells, but I hope the community will see this as another step in the right direction.

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Kind Regards

Samantha Lindsay-Dorward


  1. Dave

    What telephone cabinet are you connected to (run your phone number through the BT Wholesale checker to find out).

    If it’s 19, 20, 21 or 22 see my earlier posts about TPON lines – you can get ADSL up to 8mpbs but not “bundled” services.


  2. Hi Guys,

    I have been going round in circles with BT since moving into Concraig Park in December. I have been told there was a signal & even got told my hub would be with me 5 days after my telephone line was switched on 7th January. It never turned up & i have spoke to BT who said there was no order. I have tried a further 5 times to order broadband & told there is no signal.
    The previous owner of my house had BT broadband. I am becoming extremely frustrated & even considering Sky Broadband even though i’m told the signal is non-existant.
    I am looking for some advice/guidance on who can resolve this for me as BT just have me in a constant loop with no solutions.

    1. Hi Dave,

      You are in part of Kingswells that currently does not get Superfast broadband, but you should get speeds around 6-8 Mb. A while ago the homes in your area could not get broadband due to the distance from the Westhill exchange. BT got round this issue by installing fibre via additional green cabinets. This provided the best speeds in Kingswells, but now seems to be an issue upgrading to

      I see Brian beat me to it. See his comments . PlusNet seem to be the best provider.


  3. Hi! I ordered a couple of weeks ago and should be getting it tomorrow on Christmas Eve! An early xmas pressie! The new router has arrived from BT and just waiting now. Funnily enough, the internet is a hell of a lot slower than it has ever been the last few days. 😐

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