Comments on the 1st Planning Application at Countesswells

Application Reference: 140730
Local Authority Reference: 000089879-001
Proposal Description: Residential development Comprising 124 units & Associated New and Upgraded Access Roads, Landscaping & Ancillary Engineering Works
Application type: Detailed Planning Permission

Comments by Kingswells Community Council

The community council has been involved in the process of planning this development from the early stages, and agrees in principle with the development.  We think this is a good opportunity to provide a development in which Aberdeen can be proud. The plans presented in this planning application fall short of our expectation in the following regards:

  • The development is just a bunch of homes, there is no sense of place.
  • There is no green space in this development. It is not good enough to rely on ‘a central park’ some distance away.
  • The layout is not conducive to walking. There should be a network of paths through this development and these should link in to similar paths in adjacent phases of the development.
  •  It would appear that there are no paths, and pedestrians share the road with vehicles. This is not safe.
  • The narrow roadways do not cater for visitors or delivery vehicles. They need somewhere to park without blocking the road.
  • There has been no thought of snow clearing and where snow ploughs can push snow.
  • The development is the first of a series, and needs to provide residents some facilities prior to the facilities provided by the larger development. For example, there is nowhere for kids to congregate within this development, and no play facilities.
  • It will not be a good place to live and some effort needs to be made to provide some quality of life for the first residents.
  • The house styles are not pleasing to the eye – some, including the flats, are ugly.
  • Some material choices are poor, and some are offensive.
  • Appendices of the traffic assessment are not available, so it is not possible to comment on the document.
  • It is not possible from the documentation provided to see how this development fits into the wider Masterplan

Kingswells Community Council request that the application is turned down at this time and ask the applicant to address the above points.


Yours Sincerely,


Ian Cox
Kingswells Community Council


  1. I don’t recall. I am generally early for meetings.

    We have had one or two members of the public disrupt meetings. This is not acceptable.

    You obviously have your views. Presumably KCC didn’t agree, or we couldn’t help.

    We can only do our best.

  2. I have been to a meeting & everyone was waiting for Ian.
    As for being made welcome I was quietly ignored & politely shown the door.
    Most welcome not.

    Why bother with making Countesswells a good community ?
    The Kingswells pit falls were created by the planners, the developers & the community council.
    I suggest you focus all your energy in our community !

  3. Andrew,

    Thanks for your comments.

    If you think KCC should be looking at different aspects of community life you can join us, New blood, and ideas are always welcome.

    The Kingswells community council and two other neighbouring CCs have been working with the development team and Aberdeen City Council to try to make Countesswells a good community, that avoids some of the pits falls we have experienced.

    You can see the plans of the proposed development

  4. Coxy

    Some of your arguments are sound e.g. snow clearing.
    But who will pay for all this ‘green space’ & ‘network of paths’ that you mention ?
    Don’t bother to suggest ‘residents associations’ as they are a complete waste of time.
    Kingswells village is a prime example of this.

    I strongly suggest that you should focus all your energy & views in improving the quality of the village of Kingswells.
    With a few more ‘hanging baskets’ & a larger yearly ‘Christmas tree’

    I don’t honestly think that Aberdeen City Council will even consider your views. They might have a laugh & even find the document that they have been cut & pasted from.

    Kind regards

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