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The table below show some of the comments received on the bus service. Please feel free to add more below. We are also aware of some verbal comments made KCC members.

For anyone wishing to use either service from the Park & Ride site we can confirm that the Park & Ride £3.00 day ticket is available and valid for travel on both Services 11 and 41.  This ticket is also inter-transferable on services into the city centre from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, meaning customers can use it to board any of the 9 buses per hour on services 3 and 40.

1 Had a run into the ARI on First P&R yesterday. I was the  only passenger and it appears that that is fairly normal. The driver has the only bus on the route and just shuttles back and forth between Kingswells and the ARI all day, bored stiff.  A complete waste of money and fuel.

It would seem that the whole idea is to run this route into the ground and then close it as uneconomic.

Everyone in the waiting room went into town on the No 11 as the P&R no longer goes into town. There are now so many different buses going to the ARI that queues build up frustrating everyone.

2 The bus service in Kingwells has deteriorated significantly over the last 5 years which is extremely disappointing.

No longer can we be assured of being able to board the only bus at around 4pm at Holburn Junction during school term which means a half hour wait for the next.   If and when it is possible to get on the bus a large number of passengers leave the bus by the time it reaches Woodend which is very frustrating!

Our local councillor is obviously doing what he can to improve the service.

To deny us a proper Park & Ride service makes a mockery of the principal to get us to leave the car at home.     I am aware that there are very few cars in the Park & Ride now and many of the buses run almost empty during the day.

Perhaps cheaper fares might help?If this adds any weight to your campaign for a better bus service I am delighted to help

3 Im responding to your request in the newsletter, for comments on the no. 11 bus service. I live in the new west1 development, and work in the city centre, so have to use the bus. I work from 8 till 5. To get to work on time, i have to catch the bus at fairley road at 0658, the next bus makes me late, so thats an hour, in the morning.

Coming home i have to wait 26 mins for a bus, as they are timed at broad street at 1652, then 1722. Obviously finishing at 1700 i’ve had the 1652 unless it runs late (not very often). So having finished work, and wanting home, i have to wait 26 mins for the bus to arrive opposite the graveyard.

There is the alternative, of catching a 23 to woodhill house then catching the 41 which leaves the hospital at 1733, this gets me home at about 1750. You could try getting the 40 to the hospital, but it always seems to be late, even with 2 or 3 people on board.

I also work at the weekends, luckily i start at 0830 on sat, which is just as well as the first bus is at 0802. Coming home is bliss on both sat and sun, with the sat bus through broad street at 1700 and at 1703 on the sun. Now if they were to tweek their timetables to be like the weekend, or make the 1707 woodend bus come out to Kingswells that would help.

I have already contacted first, but as yet have to hear back from them. Im not expecting to hear much good news anyway, so when my current pass runs out, i will get the stagecoach x17, even if that means having to cross the dual carriageway.

4 I would like to comment about the frequency of the new number 11 Kingswells bus.

I have no problem with the new route and the fact that it now goes via the Park and Ride. However, I think it is ridiculous that it only runs every 30 minutes during peak periods. Buses to other areas within the city run far more frequently and it is so frustrating to be standing at the bus stop in Union Street and to see 3 number 23 buses come in the same period that I am waiting for the number 11. Not only have they reduced the frequency of the buses, but the bus is constantly late. I have noticed that the buses are always full, due to the fact that they now run so infrequently. I think that during the rush hour periods of 0700-0900 and 1600-1800, the number 11 bus should run every 15 minutes.

5 It seems to me that the number 11 takes forever to circuit Kingswells, is there a more efficient route that would satisfy the majority of users? As for the Park & Ride terminating at ARI what is all that about? It seems ridiculous not to go into town.
6 The bus at peak times is so busy, having to stand most of the way home and paying such high fares just isn’t right.Thanks for putting a case to First bus, hopefully things will improve.
7 Iam writing an e-mail to complain about the no eleven bus service which i have found to be unreliable always seems to run late and if you dare ask the driver why?you get a shrug of the shoulder or a vacant look .one time i was on a night bus the driver went along Kingswood drive instead of going down Kingswells drive he obviously  did not know the route
8 The bus service to Kingswells is an absolute shambles.

I start at eight in the morning and have now to take two buses to make sure I am here for 8 (but sometime I miss the connection at ARI due to buses not arriving or being late) Also I finish at 3pm so I have to wait 30 minutes at a bus stop in Union Street or take two buses to get home, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. It still means thirty minutes waiting or splitting the 30 minutes by sitting on a bus (especially when it gets to Winter) First bus needs to get its act together as Kingswells is expanding but the bus service is not!! We need to do something as a community

9 I have one word for the new number 11 bus service – rubbish.

Since changing jobs I now have the requirement to get the bus back from town to Kingswells every afternoon.  This was no problem until they changed the buses.  Before the change there was the option of getting the number 14 or taking the 40 P&R.  This worked well as if the 14 was busy and full with school children you could always get the 40 P&R.Sadly, First Bus in their wisdom have decided to totally change things and for me anyway, messed everything up.My husband takes me to work in the morning so that I don’t have to use the service in the morning.  I finish work at 15,30 and therefore miss the number 11 which leaves Holburn Junction at 15.31.  I now have to wait until 16.02 for the next bus to Kingswells, getting home around 16.35, an hour after I finish work.   This is a pain in itself but when the 16.02 does not actually come at 16.02 then it is even more of a pain,   One day last week the bus was nearly 20 minutes late in coming.

Then of course they no longer have the 40 P&R.   You can still get the 40 but this only takes you to ARI where, if you want to go to Kingswells, you have to get off the 40 and then wait around 15 minutes to get the 41 which will then take you on to Kingswells – I believe you have to pay for two buses!!!!  Stupid or what!!!!

Standing daily waiting for the number 11, I have found the time to watch the other bus services – from what I can ascertain there seems to be plenty of buses going to other destinations but not Kingswells, indeed in the half an hour or so that I have to wait for my bus there are three 23, two 13 and three X17(Westhill) buses which pick up at my stop.  There is a numer 11 bus that comes earlier but it only goes to Woodend and then turns back – again people who go up Queens Road are lucky – plenty of buses for them.

Recently the number 11 that I usually get is a double decker and for the past two days I have had to stand for part of the journey as the bus is extremely busy.

I believe that a number of 11 buses in the morning are extremely busy, as they now go through the P&R, and some people are having to stand most of the journey.

I am seriously considering taking my car and parking it in one of the side streets off the Lang Stracht and getting the 23 in the morning so that |I can get an earlier bus and therfore get home earlier after work.

I have spoken to numerous people at the bus stop and nobody that I have spoken to seems to be happy impressed with the change in the service.

To me, the service was fine as it was and they changes made are a complete joke.

10 I would like to to make a comment on the new No 11 bus service, it now takes longer to go into the town, also they have changed the route which is a big inconvenience, the bus stop at Bethlin Mews is no longer used and I know of at least 5 people over the age of 80 who have now to walk to the bus stop passed the shopping centre. Why did The Management of 1st Bus need to change the route, I would love to know there reply.

On the no 41 Park n ride, I notice it only runs Monday- Friday to the ARI, how many people really get off there, I admit it would be handy on a Saturday and Sunday as that seems to be the days when most people visit relatives in hospital especially those outwith the city and would ease the problem of getting a parking space at the hospital

11 I hope your inbox is ready to receive all the comments you have invited ref this new “service”. I got on the bus for the first time two weeks ago at Concraig Gardens and stated my destination as “Kingswells Shops” the driver never said a word, so I took a seat when the bus turned into Kingwood drive and then into Kingswells Drive I said to the driver that he had turned too soon he replied that this was the new route and that the nearest stop to the shops was the other end of Kingwood drive. I have since emailed Steve Delaney and all he could say was did I attend the Consulations meetings and referred me to Duncan Cameron. I emailed him and all he could do was tell where the nearest stops were for the service going to city centre for shops and medical centre.

Can someone explain to me in words easily understood why the medical centre is the new terminus.

12 It seems to me that the number 11 takes forever to circuit Kingswells, is there a more efficient route that would satisfy the majority of users?As for the Park & Ride terminating at ARI what is all that about? It seems ridiculous not to go into town.


  1. Hi Ian, to save myself 20 minutes it would mean the route reverting back to how it was. Much better. You must agree though that the 41 should go all the way to town. As it stands at the mo it’s just an empty route most of the day and silly if you ask me. Thats why there’s standing room only on the No.11 in the mornings. SIGH !!
    Good to hear about FIRST and Stagecoach. But then it will mean crossing the dual carriage way (won’t it?) coming back from town.

  2. No. 9

    If you get the 40 and change to the 41 you dont need to pay again. The connection should be smoother in the future.

    There are plans for a ticket that will allow the use of both First and Stagecoach.

  3. What route should the bus take? To save you 20 mins the bus would have to go staight back to Aberdeen and miss out half of Kingswells.

  4. Your response is the same as my first reaction, but we are both mistaken.
    You need to ask what destination describes the journey at the point the next passenger gets on the bus. The answer – Aberdeen. Some people may get off in Kingswells, but they could go to Aberdeen.

  5. HUH ?? No it isn’t heading for Aberdeen it’s heading deeper into Kingswells. It travels around Kingswells Crescent then onto the main road and then Kingswood Drive again, then onto the P&R etc.etc. and THEN we’re on the way to town.

    We get on at the terminus and go for a little joy ride (complete time wasting for most of us). It’s at least an extra 20 minutes for me and the buses are cold.

  6. No11

    I found out why the terminus is at the medical centre. This is the first point in the route where the bus is heading towards Aberdeen. Before that it is going to Kingswells and will return in the opposite direction going to Aberdeen.

    Those people that catch the bus at the P&R need to be careful that they get on the correct bus. It is possible to go to either Aberdeen or Kingswells from the P&R.

    First are looking at the route, and if anyone has any suggestions for improvements they will be considered.

    The next review of the service will be implemented by the end of January 2013.

    Please feel free to post your views and KCC will pass onto First Bus.

  7. Oh HOORAY, I thought I was the only one complaining about that dam route. There are a couple of words to describe that route and the first one I can’t print but it begins with F… and ends with DISGRACEFUL !!
    All the comments are spot-on so I don’t need to say anymore. I’m just really angry. Can’t we ask Stagecoach if they want to take over the route?

  8. Let us wind the clock back to the 1980’s.
    If my memory serves me correctly the “master plan” was to build a duel carriage way directly from the village of Kingswells into the heart of Aberdeen City.
    Somewhere I think this plan has been totally been ignored. Now we are all supposed to worship the bus.

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