Environmental Group Blocked Gullies January 16

The environmental group have conducted a survey of blocked gullies in Kingswells and they presented it to ACC.

The outcome is that the Gully and blocked drain survey has been accepted by ACC and will be processed and actioned by them in fullness of time.





A number of individually blocked gullies were identified during the survey and we will highlight each and every one accordingly. At this stage however, we do have to emphasise that we have two areas in particular that we would consider a potential problem and as such feel that immediate and priority attention is required


The majority of Fairley Road Gullies are completely blocked especially at the bottom end; this includes the “switchback” road which connects onto the main Bucksburn road. The bottom of Fairley Road has always been subject to flooding as it lies in a dip it is therefore important that all gullies are kept clear.

We do appreciate that Dandara Homes have been working in the immediate vicinity and no doubt major roadworks and earthmoving by them has contributed to the problem.

The Gullies at the top also need to be kept clear as we have in the past had flooding at the houses at the bottom of Edmund Gardens as rainwater, not captured by the drains, simply runs off Fairley Road and makes it way down to the houses at the bottom of Edmund Gardens due to the lay of the land

Due to said building works Fairley Road is currently very congested due to parked vehicles and we would suggest an element of pre planning would have to be considered prior to gulley clearing


An attempt was made to identify blocked drains on Kingswells Cres but it became clear that it was easier to identify gullies that were clear as opposed to the ones that were all silted up and choked

The survey started at the Derbeth entrance off of the Bucksburn Road onto Kingswells Cres and continued all the way round to and included the Wellside area, drains only became clear as you approach the Corse area

The Derbeth area has it’s own particular problems with rainwater running off the surrounding fields through property and eventually making it’s way onto main roads it is therefore imperative that road drains are in full working order

We therefore request that all gullies in both areas are cleaned out as soon as commitments allow


Kingswood Drive (across road from Kingswood Gardens entrance) One only

Kingswood Avenue (as it meets Kingswood Drive)

One only

Kingswood Road (as it meets Kingswood Drive)

One only

Kingswood Mews (next to No 1)

One only

Entrance to Surgery/Flats (right hand side)

One only

Path Drains (opposite side of Kingswood Drive directly across from Kingsmead Home/Surgery

Water running off gardens unable to drain away caused slabs of ice to form during cold weather. This is a busy kid’s route to School

VILLAGE CENTRE (One way road in front of Shops)

Heavy leaf soiling sealing off a number of drain covers.

Due to car parking, especially during School drop off and pickup times, it would require an element of preplanning to be able to carry out a clean up


There are approx 21 drains within the Village Centre that are also completely choked 6 of which are in the School car park

No drainage is evident whatsoever within the Centre resulting in laying water which can easily turn to ice given the right conditions

We do understand and appreciate that the Centre may not be fall within the scope of ACC but in the interest of Public safety we would appeal for assistance on this occasion