Extension to 40mph Speed Limits on A944 and C89C

Extension to 40mph Speed Limits
on A944 and C89C

Dear Sir / Madam

The Council has made the following Traffic Orders on Friday 15 September 2017 (Please see attached notice): –

The Aberdeen City Council (A944 / B9119, Aberdeen) (40mph Speed Limit) Order 2017

The Aberdeen City Council (C89C, Aberdeen) (40mph Speed Limit) Order 2017

The A944/B9119 order will come into effect on the ground on Monday 19 September with the Council Road Services Team changing the speed limits signs on the remaining sections of the A944 Skene Road/Lang Stracht and B9119 Skene Road that are still currently subject to 50mph. Accordingly this change means the A944 and B9119 between Westhill and the 30mph limit on Lang Stracht and Skene Road will be subject to a continuous 40mph speed limit. Further background to the introduction of this new limit can be viewed by way of the following internet link to the January Communities, Housing & Infrastructure Committee (See Items 10 & 11): –

It was at this January Committee the Council took the decision to overrule objections to the proposed orders on the grounds of road safety.

We have instructed the Council Road Services Team to erect electronic board signs on the Monday to highlight the new speed limit to motorists. These boards will be in place for 1 week. There will also be a news release, so the new limit will be highlighted on the Council website and the information will also be passed to the local press/media.

With respect to the C89C ‘Kingswells to Newhills’ Road there was already a temporary order in place, as this extension of the 40mph speed limit was relevant to the new signal controlled junction serving the Prime Four Business Park. Accordingly there will be no visible change on the ground as the appropriate signs are already in place.

Kind regards