Fare Changes from 8th March 2015

First Aberdeen has today announced a number of changes to its bus fares, with many ticket prices frozen.

From March 8, some ticket prices will see a small rise however others like the popular Adult FirstDay ticket is being reduced to encourage peak time bus travel.

It is moving to a £4 flat fare for travel at any time of day, bringing a 30p daily saving for those who usually travel at peak times.

Most fares have remained frozen, and in many cases reduced, since 2012. A number will remain unchanged for a third year in a row including;

� All four week tickets frozen for adults, students and children
� Family day tickets frozen
� Adult 6 & 12 month tickets frozen
� Most student prices are being frozen and the student FirstWeek reduced by £1
� Late night and evening services frozen

Of those fares scheduled to rise, single tickets will rise by 10p but child single tickets will be frozen.

Returns will increase in stages 1-2 by 20p and in stages 3-5 by 25p however those seeking stage 6 tickets will see a reduction in ticket cost by 30p.

David Phillips, Managing Director of First Aberdeen, said: “Many of our fares are frozen for a third year in a row and weve worked hard to limit rises as much as possible.

“Unfortunately most costs associated with running buses are increasing and therefore weve had to implement some fare rises in line with inflation to ensure First Aberdeen remains a sustainable business that can continue to deliver service improvements for customers.

“Im delighted weve been able to bring in a significant saving in adult day tickets for our regular peak time passengers offering unlimited travel across the First Aberdeen network and hope this helps encourage more people to consider using the bus during peak hours.

“Were committed to improving journey times and one way to do that is to encourage people to consider traveling by bus and help reduce the number of cars on the road. Id encourage people who normally drive to work to try the bus, even for one day a week, and not only see benefits but also do their bit to help reduce city congestion.

“Where we have had to increase fares, I can assure customers that weve kept those increases to an absolute minimum. We’ve invested £7.7million in the Aberdeen fleet in the form of 49 new buses and on that basis we believe that our services still represent very good value for money and Im pleased that weve been able to mostly freeze and even reduce our student tickets, meaning students can enjoy unlimited access to our network for as little as £1.15 a day.’

First Aberdeen also confirmed that Park and Ride services will also see a moderate rise of 20p, still representing terrific value against the cost of city centre parking. A £3.50 park & ride return ticket includes free parking and the benefits of bus lanes into the city and up to two children for can travel free.

The changes to fares comes at a time when First Aberdeen has been working hard behind the scenes to encourage more people on to its services.

This includes;

� First Aberdeens punctuality and reliability performance has never been better with 95% of all services leaving their terminus on time.

� Investment of £7.8m in 49 brand new buses over the last two years including £4.3m in 26 Micro-Hybrid Streetlite vehicles, which are among the most fuel-efficient on the market

� Launching mobile �M-ticketing, the only company in the north east of Scotland to give customers the option of using their mobile phones as bus tickets.

� Having Scotlands Best Bus Service in its fleet (Platinum 19 was awarded the accolade at the 2014 Scottish Transport Awards).

Full list of changes to fares:
Adult Single Stages 1-2 Was £1.20 – Now £1.30
Adult Single Stages 3-5 Was £2.10 – Now £2.20
Adult Single Stages 6+ Was £2.50 – Now £2.60
Adult Return Stages 1-2 Was £2.00 – Now £2.20
Adult Return Stages 3-5 Was £3.50 – Now £3.75
Adult Return Stages 6+ Was £4.30 – Now £4.00
Park and Ride Return Off Peak Was £3.00 – Now £3.20
Park and Ride Return Peak Was £3.30 – Now £3.50
Adult 12 Week Was £160 – Now £162
Academic Term Was £350 – Now £320
Adult FirstDay Was £4.30 / £3.80 – Now £4.00
Student Week Was £16 – Now £15

Guide to your Bus Fares (PDF – 2.01 MB)