First Bus Consultation

Kingswells Drop in Centre – 5th & 17th of Feb

The official notice from First is shown below, but Kingswells Community Council would also like your feed back. Please leave a comment below, or Email KCC or see the Forum

First Aberdeen is looking to make changes to bus services in the Kingswells area. We would like to hear your feedback on current services as well as some proposals to change services.

We will hold drop-in sessions at Kingswells Community Centre on Friday 5th February from 14:00 to 17:30 and Wednesday 17th February from 16:30 to 20:00. Please come along and share your views.

You can also send feedback to or call us on 01224 650 000.

kingswells bus meeting


  1. I will be really inconvenienced if the bus times change to every hour. I travel on the 40x 6 days a week so this is really bad news for me. We don’t all have cars who live in Kingswells. How do you record how many passengers use the bus because quite frequently the driver tells me just to have a seat therefore not recording my bus pass. perhaps more people would use the bus if it was a more efficient service. It quite often does not arrive when it should. Why are there 3-4 No 23 buses to 1 No 40x. I had occasion to use the No 23 today, I just missed one and the next one arrived just 5 mins later. Wonderful service. When it passes me as I wait for a No 40x at Tesco on the Lang Stracht there are at times only a few passengers on it. The Westhill service No18 does not come through the village so is not suitable for all in Kingswells. The bus time changes will cause lots of problems for people wishing to get to appointments. I find the fact the bus travels to Foresterhill very convenient and don’t mind the extra time involved and most people I have spoken to are of the same opinion.

  2. It would be better if the 11 had a better service during the week, for those in fairley road area, who find it hard to get to the main road or X18 or X40

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