Kingswells Community Council Agenda September 2017

Kingswells Community Council Agenda September 2017


Kingswells Community Council

11th September 2017

Adventure Aberdeen at 7pm

19:00 1.      Introduction by Chair

Kenneth will chair the meeting.

Any major items of AOCB or other items on the agenda that should be identified to ensure there is enough time to discuss them.

19:05 2.      Members of the public
19:35 3.      Police.

o   Police Report

o   Any other police business

19:50 4.      Councillors

o   Updates from Councillors

20:10 5.      Approval of minutes
20:15 6.      Matters arising from the previous meeting

o   Updates on progress from previous meetings

20:30 7.      Accounts
20:35 8.      AOCB
21:00 9.      Next meeting 9th October at Adventure Aberdeen at 7pm