Kingswells Community Council Minutes April 2016

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 11th April 2016


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


Stan McEwan


Alex Carnie, John Gerrie, David Simpson,, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine,


Kathy Strachan,Tom Straiton

Councillor Steve Delaney,Councillor David Cameron,

/ Observers

2 Police Constables.

1 member of the public.





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The police report was sent by email and was presented by PC.

Area Inspector’s Observations

Since the previous period, reported crime and quality of life issues have remained very low. I’m pleased to see there have been no sneak-in thefts, housebreakings or thefts of/from motor vehicles during the reported period.

There have been two vandalisms occurred in the area during the reported period. The first involved damage to a trampoline in the Concraig Gardens area, and the other involved damage to a vehicle in the Bellfield View area. Enquiry into both these incidents are continuing.

There have been three reports during the relevant period of public nuisance including youth annoyance and fire calls. Two of these calls relate to youths allegedly setting fire to grass areas on the path known locally as the “Bucksburn Valley” accessed from Concraig Gardens. The public nuisance call detailed above relates to youths throwing potatoes at homes and vehicles in the Bellfield View area. Unfortunately there has been no identification to date of youths involved.

Between 16 and 23 March, there was a gypsy traveller encampment located within the Kingswells Park and Ride car park. The site was visited regularly by officers, and the travellers there moved on when served with the relevant eviction notice from the local authority.

Mobile patrols targeting road traffic offences have continued in the area throughout the reporting period. No new problem areas have come to light during the reported period.


There was a report of an incident with multiple police cars in attendance that was not included in the police report.

There was a view that some incidents may not be included in the police report to ensure confidentiality. There was also a view that if this is the reason it should be possible to find a suitable form of words to be informative but also to maintain confidentiality.


Members of the public

A member of the public queried the current maintenance of part of the Broaddykes area. The area is currently maintained by various residents associations. The resident proposed that it would be appropriate for ACC to resume the maintenance of this area if it can now be proven that the area is owned by ACC.

KCC agreed to follow this up with ACC on behalf of residents.




Councillors were not in attendance; but KCC reported some information provided by email.

  • The maintenance at the Park & Ride is performed by Public Transportation Department. Mark Yule is the contact.

  • Recycling at the P&R will be reviewed after the introduction of co-mingling. The facility currently has issues with waste blowing about the P&R.

  • Paths still need to be widened.

  • Trees that have been felled in Kingswood area should be replaced, but this has still to be done. KCC is to identify areas where they think re-planting would be appropriate.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meeting

The attached action points shown as complete have been closed out. New actions are shown as not complete.

Benches: Four of the five benches are now complete. Site and weather conditions have hampered the completion of the fifth

There is a possible photo opportunity with McAlpine’s engineers and KCC members.

There is a possible issue with one of the benches breaching the privacy of an adjacent home. Kenneth proposed planting some fast growing bushes to act as a screen. There was concern re the maintenance of any bushes. Kenneth suggested that the homeowner would maintain the bushes. The requirement will be reviewed again to determine the requirements. The cost of bushes would be approximately £18.



Mapping the location of bulb is progressing.

Paths for a grant application were reviewed on the basis of whether they could be achieved within a budget of £1,500. Many paths were ruled out for consideration at this time due to the amount of work required. Two contenders remained after the review and a vote was taken: 5 members favoured a path near the shops leading to the school and nursery. 1 member favoured the core path by Gillahill.

The pre-application form identified that the work would not include volunteers, but a concern was raised that this would leave our application at a disadvantage.

Core paths will be addressed as a separate project. Kenneth was asked to act as lead.

Post Meeting Note: A resident identified that the path between the school and nursery was muddy and the irregular surface encouraged ponding. This path was at the end of the path proposed and it was thought the both issues could be addressed.


Planning & Environmental Issues




No change to the accounts.





Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 9th May 2016 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:15.

Items under Matters Arising from Previous Meetings