Kingswells Community Council Minutes August 2014

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 11th August, 2014
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Meg Sands
Participants Ivan Tonna, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie,
Apologies: Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor David Cameron, John Gerrie, Tom Straiton
/ Observers:
Police Sgt Ali Mackenzie
Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair       
2 Police Report
Police report was received by email.
There was a report of speeding of the back road to Bucksburn. Police advised that they can do speed survey.
There was a report that kids were carrying goal posts over the main road through the village at peak times, and this was considered a dangerous activity. The kids play football in the public open space near the school until late at night, and cause noise and litter nuisance. The Police could do little in this circumstance.
3 Members of the public
4 Councillors
  There was a report of cars using the old section of the Lang Stracht. Are there any stats for this?
5 Approval of minutesLast month’s minutes were approved.
6 Matters Arising from the previous meeting

KCC need to chase David to see what progress has been made towards cleaning up the pond at the Doctors Surgery.


Ron is to email David to get an update on the Fairley Road Field.

Post Meeting Note: There are plans for the field to have 100mm of topsoil and then grass seeded in September.


KCC view was that the dog bins in Kingswells were in the correct place. Meg will contact some dog walkers to find out if there are areas not covered.


7 Planning & Environmental Issues
Prime 4: the latest development was 3 storeys. It should be limited to 2. Ian is to send an objection. Ian
8 Accounts
There was £15 spent on water for meetings.Money has been received from the Trust to cover the cost of the hanging baskets.
  The Christmas tree will need to be organised. Alex is to contact Stan. KCC should apply for funding through the Prime 4 Trust. AlexIan
  Alex reported that he had new contact for the maintenance of Migvie area and Bucksburn Valley. Some trees need trimmed back. Alex
10 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 8th September 2014 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 21:35.