Kingswells Community Council Minutes August 2015

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 10th August 2015


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


John Gerrie


Alex Carnie, David Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Ron Howie, Tom Straiton


Meg Sands, Ivan Tonnar, Stan McEwan, Trevor Rosbrook, Councillor Steve Delaney,Councillor David Cameron

/ Observers

Police Sgt Susan Taylor





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The police report was sent by email.

Area Inspector’s Observations

Enquiry into the theft by housebreaking at the Cooperative ATM, Kingswells Avenue remains ongoing. This is believed to be linked to other similar crimes both locally and further afield. Major Investigation Team are dealing.

The drugs incident/crimefile relates to possession of a small amount of cannabis recovered from a youth who attended at a party. Male (14) has been charged and will be reported to the Youth Justice Management Unit for disposal.

The incident of theft from a motor vehicle remains undetected, and relates to golfing equipment removed from an unlocked vehicle. Increased patrols have continued in the local area.

Three of the reported instances of public nuisance relate to children causing annoyance in Wellside Circle. Officers are aware and have been patrolling in the area and engaging with the local children who are prevalent at this time of year. Also includes one incident of a fire to gorse bushes to the rear of Concraig Gardens, which SF&R were unable to determine the cause of.

As stated above mobile patrols have continued in the Kingswells area throughout the reporting period. Checks have continued to be carried out in relation to speeding motorists which has resulted in one driver being educated in relation to their speed. These checks will continue.

The youths reported around Kingswood Mews last month have not been a problem over the last fortnight.


Members of the public

Claire Burt advised KCC of several projects she was interested in developing. They include:

  • Litter picks: there are 4 dates where we may be able to borrow equipment from ACC. Claire to email Tom with dates.

  • BBQ after litter pick.

  • New bins: write to SMG re sponsorship / funding focusing on development. ACC will empty bins if funding can be obtained. See Chris Fretwell. Application for funding should be made before the end of the financial year. Claire is to provide contact details for SMG.

  • Dog Waste: there was discussion on how this issue could be addressed. There is a need to get people to report offenders. There was a suggestion to highlight the problem using fluorescent paint. This has been used elsewhere. The community involved should be contacted to determine the details of how they dealt with this issue. The dog wardens should also be contacted to get agreement.







Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved


Matters Arising the previous meeting

Benches: Kenneth advised that a number of sites for new benches had been identified by members of the public. He was currently identifying the land owners and other interested parties so that permission /approval could be obtained.

Walkabouts had been arranged with ACC and McAlpine’s Project Manager to identify any problems with potential locations.


There was a discussion on the X18 bus.

Noticeboard: Ron and Kenneth have been checking out the noticeboards and advise that one could be repaired fairly easily with some mastic. The other requires new ‘glass’. Approx cost of replacement would be £100. Permission was given to proceed with the repair of both boards.




Planning & Environmental Issues

John provided an update on roads in and around Kingswells.



Domain name fees were $10. No other change to the accounts.



Some trees were cut down by one of the residents associations. There was some discussion on tree management.

There was a suggestion that planting areas as meadow land could provide a low cost solution to ground maintenance issues.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 14th September 2015 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:30.

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