Kingswells Community Council Minutes January 2017

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 9h January 2017




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


John Gerrie (Chair)


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Dave Simpson, Tom Straiton, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Bert Rendall


Police, Kathy Strachan

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email, but officers were busy and could not attend.

During this reporting period there has been a continued pattern of low numbers of most call types, including public nuisance and motorcycle calls. It is also very pleasing to report that there have been no reported incidents of theft, sneak in, house breakings or theft from vehicles during the reporting period.

The vandalism and public nuisance incident referred to in the table above would relate to a smashed window at a property in Concraig Park. Male has been reported to the PF.

The suspicious incident relates to a male seen trying a door handle in Callum Park on 16/12/16. Enquiries into this are continuing however there have been no further reports since. Patrols in the area will continue as deterrence.

We were made aware at last month’s meeting of reports of a male approaching dog walkers in the area. There was a report received by ourselves on 11/12/16 which related to a drunk male speaking with a female dog walker who was slightly alarmed by his conduct. I can confirm there have been no further reports of this male, however we did receive a call from a resident on 18/12/16 seeking advice as to whether it was safe for her to walk her dog as she had heard rumours of a suspicious male in the park near to the shops. It appears that inaccurate stories have been doing the rounds and I would therefore like to clarify that other than the initial report on 11/12/16, there have been no further complaints received of this male.

Susan Taylor



Members of the public




Work on Fairley Road will continue through January.

KCC welcomed the re-opening of the Countesswells Road across to Cults, but they had some concerns about the new road layout.

  • One of the junctions on the new section of road is tight and will be problematic to all road users, but in particular to larger vehicles. The junction is thought to be a T junction on the finalised road layout.

  • At the connection of the new re-aligned road with the road from the junction with the Countesswells Road there is a very tight radius and it has adverse cambers. The quality of the design of this corner is questioned.

  • The new road does not have white lines or lighting. This should be completed as soon as possible to minimise the impact the new road layout has at night.

  • ACC have not planned the road development well. They allowed the road to be closed for an extended period, but did not ensure that the upgrades to the approaches of the Kingswells roundabout were completed whilst the road was closed.

Councillors will raise KCC’s with officers.

Steve / David

Trevor raised an issue at Migvie Gardens when roads are iced over. There are no grit boxes and the approaches to the main road are dangerous when the roads are icy. There was a view that providing grit boxes would not be welcomed by all residents. After some discussion, KCC asked if additional attention to gritting of the junction with the main road was possible. Councillors identified that there was a priority system in place for gritting roads.

P&R recycling facility is not working as well as it could, and there is a lot of rubbish blowing around the P&R. There was a view that the facility was no longer required due to the facility at Hazelhead. There was also a view that the facility was well used and would be missed if it was removed.

Steve will raise concerns within ACC.

Post meeting note: the area was cleaned up by ACC ground maintenance crews a few days after the meeting during the scheduled maintenance of the area.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meetings

KCC discussed some possible projects for the coming year:

  • Pond at the doctors’ surgery. Tom is to contact Graeme to see if he can assist with a professional assessment of the options regarding improving the condition of the pond.

  • Bench at the view point on the Gillahill core path.

  • Clearing and maintaining the Gillahill core path

  • Pond at Derbeth

  • Improving car parking in the village centre.



Planning & Environmental Issues

Wellside Circle planning application. KCC can now make comment on any new report submitted to the reporter.

Dave is to work on this.


Work continues towards making a submission on the proposed stadium at Kingsford.

Ian Tom John



No major change to the accounts. Need to submit account to ACC.




Noticeboards are in a poor state of repair. They need to be repaired, or replaced. There was a view that the noticeboards would be better placed on the Co-op wall. There was also a view that the current location was OK.

Bert confirmed his interest in joining KCC and was co-opted onto the community council by a unanimous vote. Ian is to advise Karen at ACC.


There is an issue with the fence around the Christmas tree, it is rotten and needs to be replaced. There is a proposal to replace with a picket fence, but there was concern that this would be difficult to store and would present a barrier to people seeing the lower part of the tree.

There was a discussion on possible alternatives, but the view was that we should try not having a fence at all. Other public trees don’t have fencing. Ian is to discuss with Graeme Thom.



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 13th February 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:30.

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