Kingswells Community Council Minutes June 2017

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 12h June 2017




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


Kenneth McAlpine


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Bert Rendall, Tom Straiton, Kathy Strachan, Ian Cox (Secretary), Dave Simpson


Aleen Shinnie, Pippa Robertson, John Gerrie

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor John Wheeler





Introduction by Chair

Kenneth volunteered to chair the meeting.


Police Report

The Police report was provided by email:

We never like using the “Q” word too often however this month in the Kingswells area has been particularly problem free which is encouraging as the general pattern of low impact calls appears to continue.

Again, it’s pleasing to report zero housebreakings, thefts of motor vehicles and similar offences involving insecure properties and vehicles although one vehicle did have its front and rear number plates stolen during the month. It is hoped that continual reminders from Police Scotland to the community, reinforcing the message around keeping their homes and vehicles secure, is starting to have a positive impact.

One fire call during the month resulted in one male being taken to hospital suffering the effects of smoke inhalation after falling asleep leaving the chip pan on. After some minor oxygen therapy he was released with no ill effects.

There are no other incidents of note for the area. As ever patrols will continue where possible in the area and members / residents should always be encouraged to assist the Police by reporting matters they feel we need to know about.

Take care.

Neil McHattie



Members of the public




The proposals for a new play park in the parkland opposite the chemist will go on display at the community centre on 13th June between noon and 4pm.

Fibre Broadband: the exchange only lines in Derbeth Grange have been upgraded. The exchange only lines in Fairley Road area will be upgraded in due course.

The 218 bus route is wholly subsidised by Aberdeenshire Council and they have imposed limitations on dropping off and picking up at Kingswells Park and Ride. The effect is that the service is no use to Kingswells.

Alex reported that he was advised that all issues to ACC should be directed through Councillors; but was advised by Councillors that this was not correct. Any issues should be reported using the various methods identified on the Report It page on ACC website. http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/home/report_it.asp

Burnbrae Moss Fires (north of Concraig Area)

The following questions were raised:

  • how can we stop these fires in the future?

  • how can the area be made safe?

Tom is to write to the Fire Service to seek advice.

Steve and David will investigate the issues with the Common Good Fund – investment will be required to protect common resources.


Steve David

Lock block repairs: ACC have conducted some trial repairs using lock blocks instead of tarmac which has been the preferred material used by ACC to perform these repairs.

The trial was conducted in Corse Gardens where 15 blocks were replaced. A report on the trial will be prepared for the September or November committee meeting.

Bus report for full council will be available 14th June.

Post Meeting Note: The outcome of the Council meeting was that the 94 bus service will be extended to include the period between 6am and 11pm Monday to Friday. There will be no service at the weekend.

It is hoped that Council Officers will report back to council in September with a more permanent solution to the issues with the Kingswells bus service.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings

Dave confirmed that any issues with flooding due to broken drainage on the footpath on the west side of the Bucksburn valley is the responsibility of the Derbeth Park residents’ association.

Derbeth Park RA

SMG are getting a second quote for repairing the Derbeth pond. They will not address the issues with the condition of the water until after the repair has been completed.


There were concerns raised re the markings at the Kingswells roundabout. This has been queried by KCC and after a review ACC concluded that the markings were appropriate.

Noticeboard: John is investigating obtaining additional keys for the noticeboard.

The cost of replacing a noticeboard is around £170-200. Ian was authorised to order one noticeboard.




Planning & Environmental Issues

AFC stadium application further information has been submitted and KCC has the opportunity to respond.

Planning Sub Group



No major change to the accounts.

Trevor said he know someone who may be willing to audit the accounts. He agreed to check this out.




Role of Chair: John Gerrie has resigned the position of Chair, but will continue as a member of KCC.

No one wanted to take on the role of chair, and it was agreed that KCC would revert to operating with a rolling chair, where a chair for each meeting will be appointed at the beginning of the meeting.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 10th July 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 20:50.