Kingswells Community Council Minutes March 2017

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 13h March 2017




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


John Gerrie (Chair)


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Dave Simpson, Bert Rendall, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kathy Strachan, Aleen Shinnie


Kenneth McAlpine, Tom Straiton, Barry Mitchell prospective councillor, Police

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney

Prospective KCC Member Pippa Robertson

4 Members of the public





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email.

During this reporting period, there has been a continued pattern of low numbers of all call types, including youth annoyance,
public nuisance, and motorcycle calls.

Again, it’s pleasing to report zero housebreakings, thefts of motor vehicles and similar offences involving insecure properties and vehicles. It is hoped that continual reminders from Police Scotland to the community, reinforcing the message around keeping their homes and vehicles secure, is starting to have a positive impact. That said, one incident was recorded this month whereby a house in the Derberth area was found insecure by the Postman, with no-one at home and the front door inadvertently left wide open. There is still work to do!

The wilful fire to a vehicle occurred at a rural property in the Winford area overnight on 10/03/17. Enquiries continue.

The one reported incident of vandalism involved damage caused to a wooden fence at Kingswells Primary School. Enquires are on-going; however no suspects have been identified at this stage.

A number of reports were received to Police of issues with malfunctioning traffic lights at Kingswood Drive, at its junction with Kingswood Gardens. There have been no further calls since 21/02/17; it appears the issue was rectified by the local authority.

No other incidents of note. Mobile patrols continue in the area.

Susan Taylor


Members of the public

Two of the four members of the public wanted to observe the meeting and did not have specific concerns.

The other members of the public expressed concern about the lack of public consultation on the proposed stadium at Kingsford.

Ian had previously answered the main queries on-line with one of the residents, and asked that personal issues and points of view should be sent by email so that they could be considered further.

Post meeting note: No email was received.




Work at Fairley Road is planned to be complete on 15th March.

There was no feedback on the comments on road alignment at Countesswells.

Access to Forrit Brae from the A96 will be temporarily removed until road works in the area are completed.

David confirmed that the capacity of the AWPR roundabout at the A944 will be that used in the original 2008 design.

The email response to an enquiry on dog bins is included here:

1. It is my understanding that Aberdeen City Council have ceased to replace or provide dedicated Dog Litter Bins. Is this correct?
Response: A decision was made not to install any new dog bins at new locations throughout the City.

2. Instead of dedicated Dog Litter Bins the general waste bins situated in open areas will be dual function and will be used for Dog Waste. Is this correct?
Response: There is a problem throughout the City with some members of the public not picking up and disposing of dog waste in an appropriate manner.  Aberdeen City Council is supporting and following national guidelines from our Colleagues at Keep Scotland Beautiful. Using litter bins for both litter and dog waste offers an additional and alternative choice for the public.  Please see attached leaflet.

3. When Dog Litter Bins require to be replaced they will be replaced with general waste bins as indicated in 2 above. Is that correct?
Response: Any existing dog bins will be replaced if broken.  

4. If 3 above is correct why, in Kingswells,  when Dog Litter Bins have been removed (e.g. in Kingswells Crescent opposite Wellside Wynd) they have not been replaced?
Response: The missing dog bin in Kingswells Crescent is in the system to be replaced.

5. There are general waste bins located at bus stops in Kingswells, also elsewhere in the city, from a public health perspective can I have clarity on the use of these bins? Are they also perceived to be dual function and that dog owners can deposit dog waste in these bins? If this last statement is correct what sort of risk assessment has been performed to take account of Toxocariasis?

Response: There is no risk to the public from bagged waste being disposed of  in litter bins.  The Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign promotes that any bin will do”

School will arrange to clean the gullies around the school.

Steve and Dave summarised the history of the bus issues.

Post meeting note: The information presented at the KCC meeting and the public meeting differed slightly, so rather than confuse the situation the following is a summary of the public meeting.

The outcome from the committee meeting and subsequent work by officers is the x40 and 11 services will be withdrawn on 2nd April and will be replaced by the 94 and x94. The timetable is attached to the minute.

The bus will loop the village and the P&R during the morning and evening peaks on a 15min frequency. The bus has been scheduled to meet the x17 at the P&R, where passengers can transfer to the x17 for onward travel to Aberdeen. Travel within Kingswells is free of charge.

Between peaks the bus will loop the ARI, Crematorium, P&R and Kingswells on a frequency between 60 – 70 minutes. Travel on to ARI and the Crematorium will be charged as shown on the timetable.

The arrangement will be in place for 5 months. During this period ACC will be working on finding a more permanent solution.

From 1st May the 220 service by Stagecoach will compliment the 94 and x94 services by Central Coaches.

There are links available on kwells.org to:

  • a car share page on Facebook.

  • Committee decisions are on ACC’s website.


Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings

Noticeboards are in a state of disrepair. Dave is to look at cleaning.


Update from Dave Simpson by email:

Derbeth Manor residents represented by myself and one other met a deputation of four from  SMHs on 9th March to discuss the problems arising from water from the pond causing damage to adjacent properties and to amenity areas. Also, to discuss a solution to the algae in the pond which causes most unpleasant smells in warmer weather. SMH have agreed to carry out exploratory works to better understand the problem and will report  back.

The same deputation visited the flooded path next to Derbeth  Park. From my own knowledge, the culprits is one of the residents of Derbeth Park. SMH did their own research and have come up with the same view. Knowing the cause does not solve the problem as ACC do not have ownership of the drain. This is ongoing.

Footpath via Gillahill. I have started cutting on the long straight. Progress is slow but steady. The farmer is assisting at the city end of the path as he is regularly taking feed to the sheep and the tractor is keeping the path clear of shrubs etc but muddying the footpath


Planning & Environmental Issues

The Reporter will make his decision on the appeal on the planning application to build two houses on public open space in Wellside area by 23rd March.



No major change to the accounts.



Dave reported that Derbeth Grange Residents Association was responsible for the play park in their area.

KCC have been working on a number of possible projects, and will guage public support or otherwise in the coming months.

KCC members were asked what other involvement they would have during 2017, apart from on going issues.

Ian identified that he was interested in the proposals for the field adjacent to Adventure Aberdeen. The project has stalled due to health issues of a key member of the ‘team’. Ian explained that Adventure Aberdeen have planning permission to develop an adventure park. Estimated cost was £333,000.

Pippa expressed an interest in Community Gardening. There will be an article in the next newsletter to gauge public interest.



Aleen was co-opted onto KCC with a unanimous vote.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 11th April 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:30.