Kingswells Community Council Minutes May 2017

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 8h May 2017




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


John Gerrie (Chair)


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Bert Rendall, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Tom Straiton


Kathy Strachan, Aleen Shinnie, Dave Simpson,

Pippa Robertson

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney,

Police PC Kristin Tate.





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The Police report was provided by email and was presented.

During this reporting period there has been a slight increase in public nuisance and vandalisms in the area, although a general continued pattern of low numbers of suspicious incidents and housebreaking/vehicle theft type calls.

Again, it’s pleasing to report zero housebreakings, thefts of motor vehicles and similar offences involving insecure properties and vehicles. It is hoped that continual reminders from Police Scotland to the community, reinforcing the message around keeping their homes and vehicles secure, is starting to have a positive impact.

During the Easter school holiday period, it is generally expected that there would be a slight increase in public nuisance and youth annoyance type calls. It is however disappointing to report a number of vandalisms, three calls of youth annoyance, and a wilful fire, all occurring within a one week period in mid-April.

You will be aware of a wilful fire to the gorse area at the rear of Concraig Park, which a member of the Community Council has been in touch with myself and provided some useful information. This is appreciated. Enquiries are on-going, although to date no suspects have been identified. The circumstances are obviously concerning; I will make contact with the police school liaison officer who covers this area with a view to getting some work done in local schools around fire safety, and to highlight the potentially dangerous consequences of such reckless behaviour.

The 3 vandalisms referred to relate to scratched motor vehicle on Kingswells Avenue, a broken window to a property on Midmar Crescent, and a further broken window at Kingswells Primary School. Again, enquiries continue into all of these incidents.

The 3 youth annoyance calls all involved groups of youths behaving in an anti-social manner, running round the Kingswood Drive and Concraig Park areas, and mischievously ringing doorbells on Derbeth Grange. Marked Police units attended on all occasions and all issues were resolved prior to any criminal offences being committed.

No other incidents of note. Mobile patrols continue in the area.

Susan Taylor


Tom expressed his disappointment with the lack of progress with the fires in the area to the north of Concraig. Fortunately the wind was blowing to the north, away from the houses.

He thought a fire break should be formed.

The Press seem to be playing down the situation and the possible dangers. The flames were 30ft high.

John reported a second incident in an email to members.

Tom asked members to be vigilant at this time of the year.

There was a report with youths causing problems at the school

There was a report of speeding drivers through the main road through Kingswellls (Kingswells Drive and Kingswells Crescent.


Members of the public




David advised that buses and broadband will be high on his agenda. David had to leave the meeting early.


Steve reported that the issue with the buses would be discussed at committee in June.

He thought that new service may be limited to a more reliable hourly service and better evening and weekend service. It would not suit all. The new service may be implemented by 1st August.

KCC members wanted to be involved in the process of identifying a suitable replacement bus service for Kingswells.

Post meeting note: KCC contacted ACC offering assistance, but the offer was turned down. Councillors were copied in on these emails.


There were issues with Stagecoach buses pulling out before the X94 arrives. The X17 drivers have been advised to wait for the X94 if it is in sight.

The connectivity between the X94 and the X17 should improve when the X17 moves onto the new timetable.

Ian advised the the Community Council Forum wanted to initiate an Aberdeen Bus Forum where members of the Community Councils, the bus companies and ACC councillors and officers could meet to discuss issue with bus service. The intention would be to resolve issues at an early stage.

Post meeting note: ACC could not attend the first meeting.


Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings

Trevor continues to try to get ACC to fix a bin to a post at the top of the lane opposite the doctors’ surgery.


Dave continues to work on the water issues at Derbeth with SMG. Progress is painfully slow, but Dave will meet with SMG when he returns to Aberdeen.


Bert is still working on the issues with traffic islands. Most issues have been resolved, but there are couple of remaining issues.



Planning & Environmental Issues

KCC to prepare for a predetermination meeting regarding the AFC stadium application.



No major change to the accounts.

£20 on website..



Pippa Robertson advised that she would like to become a member of KCC. She was co-opted onto KCC with a unanimous vote.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 12th June 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:10.