Kingswells Community Council Minutes November 2013

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 11th November, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair) 
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Alan Stott, Ron Howie, Tom Straiton, Meg Sands, John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace (Vice Chair); 
Apologies: Ivan Tonna, Stan McEwan 
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor David Cameron,Police: Inspector Jackie Craig, Sgt Stuart Grey

2 members of the public,

Ross Melton from AbSafe






Introduction by Chair


Police Report
Police report was received by email.
KCC were introduced to Sgt Stuart Grey who will normally work in Dyce, but will be part of the team and may attend future meetings.
There were no priority crimes this month.
The police are aware of rat running through Kingswells.
The police confirmed that their system does not accept photographs by email, but officers following up incidents can accept any photographs on a memory stick.
Drivers are jumping the P&R lights every day. There was an accident when a car from the south jumped the lights and collided with another car. The police will check with Roads Dept to see if there are any issues


Members of the public
Ross from AbSafe made a presentation on his work with Neighbourhood watches. He specialises in Community Safety.A weekly safety bulletin is issued on Tuesday, and safety alerts cover more localised areas.

Kingswells Action Plan

  • Main issues are:
    • residents do not lock doors
    • traffic
  • Approach school and use “pester power” to educate kids who will in turn influence their parents.

KCC identified May Day event as an ideal time to have a presentation event. Sam is to discuss the way forward.

KCC identified that the neighbourhood watch scheme may not be working as effectively as Ross reported.

Ross agreed to re-launch the scheme. He will tie-in with KCC and Colleen, and will use the newsletter to inform the community.




David reported that the issue with the Fairley Road trees has been resolved. Alex will check.



16 CCTV cameras in the P&R record on a continuous loop. The system is not monitored continually, but can be checked when an incident is known to have occurred.


ACC do not have any legal powers to enforce the use of disabled spaces at the P&R.


ACC have plans to control the use of the upper car park at the P&R. This will be introduced in stages. Details have still to be finalised.


The temporary access to the upper car park at the P&R has now been closed. Steve confirmed that there were legal reasons to keep it closed. There is a need for a permanent barrier, and reports of cars crossing pavement need to be investigated.


There were pros and cons to the road markings at the Kingswells roundabout. We have to wait for the final report.
There will be a new bus timetables in January. Off-peak journey times should be reduced.
The query about Migvie from last month – ACC is not the owner of soft landscaping. Therefore, any action needs to come from residents.


ACC is to come back regarding the landscaping around the Kingswells roundabout



Approval of minutesLast month’s minutes were approved after correction to the number of members of public in attendance.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting




Planning & Environmental Issues
The offices at the Vet were approved with conditions on when the development can be occupied – the AWPR needs to be in place to allow U-turns at the new roundabout. Alternatively, access can be from within the Prime Four site.
The number of homes that can be built at Maidencraig will be limited to 182 until the AWPR is in place when the full 750 can be completed. There is also a need to protect badger setts.
Alan and Tom attended the Newhills expansion exhibition day. The plans show two exists onto the A96 without any improvement to the A96. It will be downgraded after the AWPR.There is no access to the Lang Stracht on the plans, but the developer claims that this is still an ACC requirement.

The improvements to the Kingswells North junction appear to be to the roads approaching the junction, and not the actual junction.

Ian and Tom are to arrange a meeting with Roads Department to clarify various issues with the roads around Kingswells. They will also prepare a response to the Newhills development and will copy to the councillors.

Post meeting note: the meeting with Roads was very productive, and will be discussed at the next meeting, but to address the above the following points can be noted:

  • There are no plans to develop the North junction at this time, but the possibility of future development has been allowed in the plans.
  • ACC has no intention to connect the Newhills development to the Lang Stracht. They would like it to connect with the west of Aberdeen near Provost Rust Drive – the main intention is to allow buses to travel past Provost Rust Drive and into Newhills, and possibly onto Dyce.
  • ACC has concerns re the junctions with the A96, and these will have to be worked out with the developer.





No change.




There has been no decision on the wind turbine planned for Gillahill.


This meeting will be Barrie’s last as chair.Residents expressed their appreciation to Barrie.


The Prime Four Trust has stalled. The conditions on the use of the £5,000 annual fund are too complicated and need to be simplified. The panel of local representatives including residents, community centre, village hall and KCC members have fed back comments to Drum and Foundation Scotland, but a way forward has yet to be agreed.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 9th December 2013 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:20.

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