Kingswells Community Council Minutes November 2016

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 14h November 2016




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


Trevor Rosbrook


Alex Carnie, Kenneth McAlpine, Kathy Strachan, Dave Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary), Tom Straiton


John Gerrie (Chair), Police

Councillor Steve Delaney

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email.

During this reporting period there has been a reduction in all call types, including public nuisance/youth annoyance type calls.  Both public nuisance calls recorded relate to noisy gatherings of youths in the Concraig Park and Derberth Park areas.

There is only one motorcycle call to report, which detailed noisy motorbikes in the Bucksburn valley area.

The theft by housebreaking and section 57 offences (being on premises in suspicious circumstances with an intention to commit theft) all occurred in Concraig Gardens during the same period.  A suspect has been identified and positive lines of enquiry are ongoing. It is pleasing to note that none of these incidents involved insecure properties or vehicles.

On a separate note, there has been a change of personnel within the Community Policing Team.  Inspector Chambers has recently commenced his retirement, with Inspector Gary Spark taking over the mantle.  Inspector Spark will in due course be attending at all Community Councils to introduce himself and meet with members.  He can be contacted via 101 or emailed on gary.spark@scotland.pnn.police .uk.

Susan Taylor



Members of the public




There was a detailed discussion on the road closure at Countesswells, the AWPR and others around the city.

There was a feeling that it is not acceptable that contractors can make repeated applications to have the period of road closures extended without being penalised. ACC do not appear to have control over road closures, that appears to be in the control of contractors. The disruption and cost to the community and commuters of taking significant diversions for extended periods is not acceptable. The cost of development should be paid by the developer, not the public.

Another other related issue is continually changing the dates for closures to take place. Once advised the public avoid any road closures. When a contractor makes a late change to the date of a road closure many members of the public still avoid the area. No one thinks to check to ensure that a road closure is still planned, the original notification is still in the public mind. The effect is to effectively extend the period of road closures.

Tom is to write a letter to Chief Executive of ACC, and Ian is to raise with the Community Council Forum.




Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meetings

Buses – there was no updates available.

Ian is to contact Ross Grant, the councillor involved with transport.

David will contact Duncan Cameron and will email any update.



Benches: the 5th bench will be installed ASAP. Kenneth will keep KCC updated.


Derbeth Pond: Dave advised that a meeting with SMG and land agent had taken place, and a pond specialist will be consulted to determine the best course of action.

Dave will keep KCC updated.


Flooding on Footpath at edge of Bucksburn valley: Dave advised that ACC claim they do not own the land and that it has not been adopted.

Scottish Water claim that the area has been adopted as it appears on their maps.

Dave will keep KCC updated.


Gillahill Path: There is a problem with uncontrolled vegetation blocking the path and views from the path and view point.

There was a view that the vegetation could possibly be cut and burned in the adjacent field and the area could be treated with selective herbicides.

Dave is to speak to the farmer, and will draw up a schedule of work required and when they should be completed.

John is to be asked to prepare a plan of work required to provide a bench at the view point.




Planning & Environmental Issues

Proposed Change of use of Phase 5 of Prime Four site for Retail use: There was a detailed discussion on KCC’s submission to planning. Final draft is held pending a further meeting with Graeme Bone of Drum Property Development.


Exhibition Kingsford Stadium: Two members of KCC planned to attend on 23rd October. Other members can attend public exhibition on the 24th.




No change to the accounts.





Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 12th December 2016 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:45.

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