Kingswells Community Council Minutes October 2017

Kingswells Community Council Minutes
October 2017

Date: Monday 9th October 2017
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells
Chair: Ian Cox (Secretary),
Participants Trevor Rosbrook, Kathy Strachan, Alex Carnie, Bert Rendall, Aleen Shinnie, Russell Ritchie, Denise Poole
Apologies: Pippa Robertson, Kenneth McAlpine, Dave Simpson, Councillor John Wheeler
Representatives / Observers Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney,
Police, 8 members of the public



Introduction by Chair

Ian opened the meeting by addressing the members of the public, giving a safety brief.


Police Report

The Police report was not provided by email although the police did attend and gave an update to those present. It was noted that a series of attempted break-ins continued, currently around the Concraig / Wellside areas.
Police had no update on speed monitoring to report. Ian is to request a monthly report and updates on the fire and speed monitoring.
The details given to those who started the fire were passed to Bucksburn Academy, but no one has been identified. The police were asked to pass the details to other schools, e.g. Hazlehead. They agreed to review the report and see if further action can be taken. Police
Report of kids congregating around the village making a mess and breaking bottles continue with no improvement after the holidays, especially around the Meadows. Police said they can go to the primary school and try to educate the children.  City Wardens have and will be on patrol though will not enter the wooded areas after dark.  Police will also consider having Special Constables monitor the activity. The vandalism at the school was noted: oil spill, plants damaged, gate broken.  It seems this was not caught on CCTV.
Kathy noted that the lower speed limit is causing frustration and new delays which can lead to a decrease in safety not an improvement.   Police will look at the results of the changes Police

Members of the public

One resident detailed the issue they have with people taking a shortcut through their property to get to and from bus stops which has escalated into incidents of vandalism. Steve said he is aware of the issue and is taking action to stop this.  Residents say they are willing to install fencing if the materials are supplied.

Another resident highlighted the ongoing issues of broadband in the village with some residents having no broadband for a considerable time. Steve gave an update on the current situation and said that high speed BB should be available to the majority by the end of the year.  Aleen noted that Box 20 has been causing a lot of issues to residents.

The residents also expressed their disappointment that more emphasis had not been placed on the benefits of the stadium during the KCC deputation.  Ian responded that he had noted the support for the development, but he had to report on the planning objections as identified and submitted.



4 Councillors
  David reported that the dyke by Prime 4 is a Scheduled Monument according to the archaeologist and should have been reinstated to a satisfactory state of repair.  This will be followed up with Historic Scotland and Prime4. David
  Russell noted that a collapsed manhole in the carpark by the flats/shops has been there for 18 months and needs urgent attention. Steve asked him to send photos, so he could identify the issue and the responsible party, so action could be taken Russell/ Steve
  Russell noted the potential hazard from the lack of road markings/signs at the P&R lights to show that buses can turn right.  With only a limited area to sit in delays can occur to the main flow of traffic. Steve
  Steve and David were asked to look at the phasing of the lights especially of the filters. Steve / David
  Aleen noted the hazard of ice on part of the cycle lane.  Steve noted that this was due to the drains being covered when the lanes was narrowed to a cycle lane
  Steve and David were also asked to look at allowing cars to use the current buses only entrance to the P&R from Prime4. Steve noted that the issues of the buses speeding through the carpark is being investigated. Steve / David
  There was a lengthy discussion on the existing and new speed limits and the issues these have created with peak time travel showing a marked increase in time for journeys on and out of Aberdeen. David said that these can be revisited after the APWR work has been completed though it is unlikely the stretch where new houses are being built along the Land Stracht will change, though he agrees the dual carriageway limit is not appropriate.
5 Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.

6 Matters Arising from the previous meetings –
  Dave advised that work is still ongoing at the Derbeth Pond to cure the algae problem.

Aleen noted that the pond has been drained and work is ongoing.

7 Planning & Environmental Issues
AFC stadium – see discussion above
8 Accounts
No major changes to the accounts. Ian issued the accounts for comment.

Room hire £10


Russell has agreed to prepare a list of issues that need to be actioned by ACC e.g. benches, lighting, footpaths, boardwalk, cycle paths etc. which he will maintain.  This will be given to the councillors each month along with details of when/who at ACC it was reported to.





KCC currently have 7 elected and 3 co-opted members.  We can co-opt 1/3 of the elected number so we are currently at our max for co-opted members.

We can have associate members who can be fully involved in the work of KCC, but have no voting rights. This was not considered as a major restriction due to the low frequency of voting situations. Everyone was entitled to express their option, and these would be considered.

Russell noted that several people have expressed an interest. It was agreed that we need to share the load and encourage new members to ensure this could happen.

We need to discuss the issue with liaison officer (KF) to see how we can get maximum membership asap.










Ian showed a video on using videos to inform the public of what was happening.  There was lengthy discussion on Facebook and the best method of engaging with the public and administering the site.  Ian has set up a Facebook group page.

Ian would like to see all community Facebook pages linked to a community group to make communication between the various groups and the community more effective.

KCC should contact Claire Burt to see if they can assist with her website and Facebook page whilst she is abroad.







10 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 13th November 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 22:30.