Kingswells Community Council Minutes September 2015

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 14th September 2015


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


Stan McEwan


Alex Carnie, John Gerrie, David Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Ron Howie, Trevor Rosbrook


Meg Sands, Ivan Tonnar, Tom Straiton

/ Observers

Police Sgt Susan Taylor

Councillor Steve Delaney,Councillor David Cameron





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The police report was not sent by email, but paper copies were available at the meeting.

The youths reported around Kingswood Mews in previous months have not been a problem.

The Business Watch at Prime 4 has been setup to share information between businesses and the Police

There was a possible issue reported with people meeting in cars at the P&R late at night.


Members of the public




SMG have been given permission to construct a temporary road to assist with the development at West Huxterstone. The road is on a site that is not in the Local Development Plan, and has previously been turned down for development by Reporters. The road forms a significant development and due to its temporary status does not require planning permission.

At the time of the meeting ACC had reported that the only control they had was to get the verges re-instated after the works were complete.

KCC was concerned about an apparent loophole in the planning system. There was also concern that ACC did not have any powers to get the field reinstated after works were complete and the natural beauty of the site would be lost.

Ian is to provide David C with a copy of the drawing of the temporary road.

Steve is to chase response from the planners

POST MEETING NOTE: ACC planners have confirmed that:

The General Permitted Development Order states that these works can be in place for the duration of the operations being carried out on the land adjoining that land. Therefore, if it would take SMH two or three years to complete the site then they are within their rights to retain that access there for that period of time. There are no specific time limits mentioned in the Order. The main restriction is that the temporary works are to be removed upon completion of the operations.



There was no reported progress on changing the speed limit to 40mph on the remaining stretch of the A944 and the road to Hazelhead.

POST MEETING NOTE: Consultation was started after the meeting and has now concluded.

There was no progress on the new access to P&R to facilitate the new X17 bus service.

POST MEETING NOTE: Roads Dept. advised that they had looked at the options for providing additional protection against parking caravans in the P&R. KCC advised Roads that their preferred scheme would be breaking up the parking bays with raised kerbs. There was concern that caravans could still be manoeuvred across multiple bays. Roads advised that caravans tended to be high value and the owners were not likely to put their property in danger, but if this proved an issue then further measures could be undertaken.

There was a report that the X18 provides a faster service, in more comfortable buses than the current X40. An introductory fare of £1.50 would be available after the service was advertised in the newsletter.

X40 timetable would be updated from the end of September to provide a reduction in frequency to once per hour in the evenings.

There was no update on the repair of damaged lock block. Currently, ACC perform repairs using tar. KCC and residents have objected to this practice. Mike Cheyne from ACC is to arrange to come to a meeting to discuss.

The field a Fairley Road is overgrown and requires the grass to be cut to allow community use.

A new group called Friends of Fairley Road Field is to be setup to oversee the development of the field. David C will write an article in the next newsletter.


Parking around the School continues to be a problem in Cromar Gardens and Kingswood Mews.

Steve reported that ACC cannot install yellow lines with permitted parking out with certain times. He also advised that there were plans to use the old bus stop lay-by as a drop off point. (There was a comment that this was already an unofficial drop off point.)

Kenneth advised that he thought additional yellow lines were required in Cromar Gardens to allow residents access to their driveway.

There was also a report of illegal parking on yellow lines opposite the Chemist’s car park. This causes impaired vision to drivers. There was a view that the yellow lines should be extended to prevent this. An alternative view was to get City Wardens to address the problem of illegal parking.

There was an issue with planters from Four Mile obstructing the line of sight at junction. Stan is to contact ACC.



Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved


Matters Arising the previous meeting

Kenneth provided an update on the preferred locations for additional benches in Kingswells. The approval process includes contacting land owners, residents’ associations and affected residents to get permission. Several locations had been approved and the final selection process was delegated to the Action Group.

Alex provided an update on the ground maintenance organised by SMG.

CCTV: there is an issue with the CCTV system as it is susceptible to being switched off when the community centre test their emergency lighting. One solution may be to install a UPS which would switch the system to battery power when mains power is lost. It was agreed to get costs.

Graham Sangster installed the Nursery system.


Planning & Environmental Issues

Prime Four Phase 4 Extension is out for consultation



No change



School require funding for the pond. KCC is not in a position to fund this project. It was suggested that the councillors be contacted to see if they know of any available funds.



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 12th October 2015 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.