Kingswells Community Council Minutes September 2017

Date: Monday 11th September 2017
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Ian Cox (Secretary), Dave Simpson, Kathy Strachan, Alex Carnie, Bert Rendall, Aleen Shinnie
Apologies: Trevor Rosbrook, Pippa Robertson, Councillor Steve Delaney
Representatives / Observers Councillor David Cameron, Councillor John Wheeler,
Police, 18 members of the public
Item Minute Action

Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting by addressing the members of the public, giving a safety brief.


Police Report

  The Police report was not provided by email and, although the police did attend, they were called away before being able to update those presents
  Ian is to request a monthly report and updates on the fire and speed monitoring. Ian
  The fire at Concraig was witnessed by a member of the public who was walking by as 3 youths lit the fire. The names of the youths have been provided to the police.  Ian to chase. Ian
  Report of kids congregating around the village making a mess and breaking bottles continue with no improvement after the holidays, especially around the MeadowsRussell advised that he would provide a map showing other areas where this was a problem.Ian to provide information to the police. Russell




Members of the public

Kenneth led an open, informed and well conducted discussion of the KCC objection to the AFC Planning Application.

He clarified that the reports in the media by a previous member were unauthorised, and the statement that a consultation had been held was not accurate.

Concern was expressed at the lack of consultation conducted prior to submitting an objection.

There was a view that we should place more emphasis on the benefits this would bring to our community.

Ian described the detailed work performed by the Planning sub-group that identified some serious concerns. Issues centre on access, transport, parking as well as the use of greenbelt land. He confirmed that these issues have not been sufficiently addressed in the application and so the KCC objection remains.

KCC had performed a detailed study to identify its recommendation, including both Pros and Cons. Kingswells residents were encouraged to present their own views to ACC. The planning concerns identified formed the basis for the objection lodged with ACC.

KCC advised that they were preparing for the deputation on the 13th.and they would acknowledge that some members of the community were in support of the application.

At the end of the meeting the Chair thanked the members of the public for coming and voicing their concerns.



  David reported that the work on the East Dyke has been completed.  He also said that all the dykes including Roughs Cairn are Scheduled Monuments, though maintenance can’t be agreed until owners are identified. He thinks that a suitable National Organisation would provide best maintenance. No agreement yet on how to stop the damage to these monuments by youths removing stones.

Ian asked about the dyke by Prime 4 and the current state.  Ian advised he will contact Prime4 to discuss






  David advised that Open Reach are working to bring fibre broadband to many of the remaining areas in Kingswells without that service.  It was hoped that this would be available during January 2018.

It was noted that many residents still have issues with the current BB/telephone service

  John advised that the work on Clova Park continues.  He was asked about the location – at the top of the hill on a favourite sledging slope and also about lighting as well as safety issues around the stream/bridge and responded that these were all being considered in the risk assessment performed
  Ian advised that there needs to be follow-up with Adventure Aberdeen regarding the progress with the play equipment planned for the field adjacent to Adventure Aberdeen. This area will be available to the public at most times, but will also be used by Adventure Aberdeen to generate income to cover maintenance. David and John to progress when Jonathan Kitchen returns to work  




  There is a lane between Wellside Wynd and Wellside Avenue which has no lighting.

Dave said he would speak to Stewart Milne.

KCC should speak to ACC regarding this as new lamp posts would be required.

David agreed to make enquiries
















Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings

  Dave advised that work is still ongoing at the Derbeth Pond to cure the algae problem Dave
  Dave is to contact Craig Mackay at Stewart Milne regarding Rough Cairn. Dave
  The last bench at the viewpoint near Concraig will not be completed by McAlpine as they are now off site.

Dave and Kenneth will get a quote to enable us to apply to
Prime 4 Trust for funding




  The plot of land in Wellside Circle where it was proposed to build two detached houses has become overgrown and there is a wasp bike in the grass.

Dave confirmed the wasps have gone.  Aleen noted that the residents are trying to have ACC take over maintenance since owner won’t.



Planning & Environmental Issues

  AFC stadium – see discussion above



  No major changes to the accounts.

Room hire £10, Water £6, Paper £8

Kenneth advised that we would welcome support from anyone willing to maintain the accounts




Dave advised that S Bligh from ACC is working with the Kingswells Community Church to clean up the path going to Dobbies.

Aleen advised that overgrown bushes and trees overhanging pavements are proving an obstacle to a girl and her guide dog and more action needs to be taken by those responsible for the maintenance.  Dave will pursue these issues with SMilne and its agent.







  Weed killer

Aleen advised that the use of excessive weed killer continues and she will pursue if we can provide contact at ACC




KCC currently have 7 elected and 3 co-opted members.  We can co-opt 1/3 of the elected number so we are currently at our max for co-opted members.

We can have associate members who can be fully involved in the work of KCC, but have no voting rights. This was not considered as a major restriction due to the low frequency of voting situations. Everyone was entitled to express their option, and these would be considered.

Russell Ritchie and Denise Poole were happy to join as associate members.


Date of Next meeting:

  Next meeting will be on Monday 9th October 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:00.