Kingswells Litter Pick October 2016

Kingswells Litter Pick October 2016

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Kingswells Litter Pick October 2016

KCC encourage folks to help Claire with this worthwhile community project.

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Saturday 8th October 2016

Dressing up in your scruffy clothes, donning a plastic vest and rubber gloves may seem a slightly odd thing to do on a Saturday,

Dressing up in your scruffy clothes, donning a plastic vest and rubber gloves may seem a slightly odd thing to do on a Saturday, especially when there are so many other things to do with your time; but this will be the uniform of many volunteers in Kingswells who will give up part of their Saturday, to pick-up other peoples litter.

This will be the 4th Big Kingswells Litter Pick that has been arrange by local Kingswells resident Claire Burt.  The aim is to collect as much litter as possible from all over the village between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

This time it is hoped there is sufficient support, to split the pickers, so there is enough people to cover more areas in the south of the village; as there are notable litter ‘hot-spots’. These hot-spots have been identified by residents.  The plan is to try and picked these areas too, on Saturday, 8th October 2016.

“Residents, visitors and anyone in Kingswells are very welcome to join us. Every extra pair of hands makes a noticeable difference to the amount of litter that is removed from the village. And the fact people are giving up their time to help is wonderful, and demonstrates the great community spirit in Kingswells”, said Claire Burt.

It is hoped that local businesses in the area and developers will also support this litter pick and their staff members will join the residents with the pick, or pick routes and areas they frequent.

The litter pick takes place on Saturday 8th October 2016, from 11am to 3pm. Meet at 11am, at the small roundabout, at the bottom of Wellside Ave, Kingswells.  If there is sufficient support, there will be a second meeting point.  Details will be post a few days beforehand, on the  Kingswells website and Kingswells Facebook page .

Aberdeen City Council, Housing and Infrastructure team provide support with litter picking equipment, gloves and bags.  They also collect up the full litter bags.

Keep Scotland Beautiful provides plastic bibs, to protect clothes and to make it easier to spot the litter pickers.

Local Kingswells resident Claire Burt hopes there will be a particularly good turn out for this coming pick and asks residents to spread the word and join in the pick on the day, as it is fun.

Litter hot spots

1.    Tree belt between shops/school and playground – BAD

2.    Verges on entrance to Kingswood Drive at park-and-ride traffic lights

3.    Track between Cromar and Midmar/big field (Scottish Water sign at bottom)

4.    Lane between Bethlyn and Migvie (downhill continuation of 2 to health centre)

5.    Lane along bottom of the big field to Wellside, including wooded area half way along

6.    Wooded glen of the Den Burn, especially on Kingswells Crescent side

7.    Small conifer wood/path-side where the path along south side of Den Burn valley meets Kingswells Crescent (near the road bridge)

8.    Tree plantation south of care home on Kingswood Drive, running down to the pond

9.    Area beside the pond beside near the care home.

10.   Tree plantation running down from Kingswood Drive towards the pond and care home

11.   The lane between Kingswells Drive and the perimeter road (behind houses on Callum Path)

12.   Tree plantation at the corner of Kingswells Drive and Kingswood Drive (opposite Kingswood Mews)

13.   Grassy depression where the Den Burn starts on Kingswells Drive (near 11)


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