Locality Plans out for consultation

Locality Plans out for consultation

Welcome to the first West Locality Plan 2017-2019. This plan has been developed over
many months of gathering information and listening to what people who live and work in
the area are telling us about health and wellbeing.
We recognise we are at an early stage in developing locality working across Aberdeen
City. A key first step in this journey was the establishment of our West Locality
Leadership Group (LLG) made up of a broad range of people from across health and
social care, the third and independent sectors, and community representatives. I am
delighted that we have such a committed and enthusiastic LLG in the West who have
been actively involved in shaping this plan. We have been focusing this year on
developing a shared understanding of the health and social care profile of the West
Locality and have begun to explore what keeps people well, what some of the challenges
are in the locality and what we can do to further support wellbeing in the area.
Community engagement and participation is critical to help shape our plans and we have
carried out a number of community engagement initiatives to listen to what the people
who live and work in the locality can tell us about health and wellbeing in the area and we
want to do more of this over the coming year.
We are making progress towards establishing the necessary locality management
structure to give us the leadership capacity to enable us to integrate our health and social
care services and develop new ways of working. We have a wide range of health and
social care services delivered by a skilled and committed workforce and we also have a
wealth of community initiatives and resources available in the West Locality. We will
build on all of these and explore together how we can re-imagine how best to support the
health and wellbeing of people living in the West Locality.
There are testing times ahead with the demographic and financial challenges that we
face. We need to do things differently and the creation of localities gives us an exciting
opportunity to think and work together to meet these challenges. We really want to hear
your ideas to help us shape the future and I would encourage anyone living or working in
the area to get involved.
I want to thank everyone who has been involved in the development of the West Locality
so far – your support, ideas and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and I look forward to
continuing to work with you all as we continue on this journey together.
Lynn Morrison
Head of West Locality

Details of Locality Plans for consultation

Draft plans for each of Aberdeen’s four localities are out for public consultation and are available at http://aberdeencityhscp.co.uk/en/localities/

Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership has four localities – North, South, West and Central – to drive progress in the transformation of services. Localities have been described as the engine room of integration. Each brings together citizens from the communities, along with carers, professionals from the health, social care and housing sectors, and the third and independent sectors, to help redesign how we support health and wellbeing.

 Locality Leadership Groups (LLGs) have been established in each of the four localities. Their role includes developing and facilitating connections and partnerships across the locality to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and reduce health inequalities. They also contribute to the delivery of the ACHSCP’s overall strategic outcomes.  The first step to achieving this is the development of the Locality Plans.

The four documents are now out for public consultation until Tuesday 14th November 2017. All replies will be collated and the Locality Plans will then be amended in light of comments received, where appropriate.  The final plans will be approved by the IJB.  Comments and questions can be emailed to sdownie@aberdeencity.gov.uk marked ‘Draft Locality Plan Consultation’ or sent by post to:

Susie Downie,
Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership,
Health and Care Village,
Frederick Street,
Aberdeen AB24 5HY.