Proposal For New Bus in Kingswells Service September 2017

Proposal For New Bus Service in Kingswells September 2017

The following extract from the council papers describing the Proposal For New Bus in Kingswells Service September 2017. The full report is available for your information.

3.3.4 The current service requires passengers to connect at the P&R and the
current cost to Council is high as there is no fare revenue to offset the running
costs and there is a change in service between daytime and evening which
has resulted in an inconsistent two-tier service. On this basis, it is considered
that a service should be supported with a 30 minute peak time service
daytime, a minimum hourly service off-peak and in the evenings between
06:00 to 23:00 Monday to Saturday and an hourly service on Sundays,
between 08:00 to 22:00. It is recommended where possible for any service to
travel via Lang Stracht and Westburn Road as the feedback from the
community has highlighted the importance of this link; however when doing so
consideration would have to be given to the availability of funding.

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