Web Cast of Kingsford Stadium Pre-Determination Hearing

Web Cast of

Kingsford Stadium Pre-Determination Hearing

The following table presents a list of speaker and timing with links to the webcast

Description Time
Full Webcast 00:00
Planning Officer 10:00
Roads Officer 20:30
Questions to Officers 31:00
Aberdeen Football Club 53:50 
Westhill and Elrick Community Council  1:40:20
Kingswells Community Council 2:03:20
SEPA 2:29:40
 No Kingsford Stadium 2:43:40
 Gary Walker & Mark Wylie 2:51:30
 Heather Cook 3:04:20
 Cornerstone 3:11:15
 Westhill For Kingsford &  Kingswells For Kingsford 3:22:30
 Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce 3:37:50
 SFA 3:57:30
 Diane Priestly 4:11:15
 Scottish Council for Development and Industry 4:20:10 
 RGU 4:27:35
 Revd Scott M Rennie 4:38:20
 Aberdeen Cycle Forum 4:46:25
Martin Watt 5:00:35
Gordon Ballantyne 5:05:10
Heather Brock 5:19:55 
Nicola Seal
Kathleen North
James Yule
Clare Davidson
Alan & Mairread Cowie
Graham Wildgoose
John Thornton
David Thornton and John Simpson
Caroline Thornton
Brian Thornton
Aberdeen & Aberdeen City & Shire Hotel Association
Fathia Taylor