Work on Core Path 42

Work on Core Path 42

Good afternoon,

I am emailing to provide you details of path works we are looking to undertake during September.  I have attached a location plan – it is for core path 42 to the north east of Kingswells.  As you are probably aware, we do receive regular complaints about the muddy condition of this path.  So as well as cutting back the vegetation and upgrading the path surface we will also be replacing the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is beginning to start to rot so I have taken the decision to replace it.  New steps will also be going in at the steep section of path.  It will have a bike ramp to the side to allow bikes to be pushed up the slope.  The rough dates we have at the moment for the work are the following:-

Start on site – 4.09.2017

Completion – 25.09.2017

Kind regards,

SFC-1062-16-001 Location Plan
SFC-1062-16-002 Proposed Plan
SFC-1062-16-003 1_2 Details
SFC-1062-16-003 2_2 Details
SFC-1062-16-004 1_2 Timber Steps
SFC-1062-16-004 2_2 Timber Steps View