X40 Proposed Route Change

It would appear that First are considering a route change within Kingswells. The proposed route is shown below:


The current proposal cuts out part of Kingswells and will possibly result in a loss of passenger numbers.

KCC have proposed an alternative route



The alternative route attached effectively goes round Kingswells once. The best direction would be through the village first, but when the bypass road is congested the best route would be going to Derberth first. This could be achieved using two route numbers eg X40 and X40a or similar. The length of the routes is the same, but as one leg of the alternative route is on the bypass road the journey time at 50mph and no stops should be shorter. The route also covers all the streets with a current bus service, so there should be no loss of custom.

Nothing has been decided, so we will have to wait and see the outcome of the consultation.

Please let KCC know your thoughts. Neither route is ideal and there will have to be compromise.


  1. Proposed Bus Route 6.32km (335.3 KiB)

  2. Alternative Bus Route 6.20km (515 KiB)