A Message From First Bus

We are very grateful for the feedback received since the changes to services came into effect on 16th September.  Particular concerns have been raised in respect of capacity which we are very much aware of and as a result a second double-deck vehicle has been allocated to the number 11 service in the morning.

We have also been monitoring the punctuality of the number 11 and although we are satisfied that the service is starting on time, we are concerned that certain journeys may not be operating to time mid route.  These evaluations are continuing and where necessary changes will be made to ensure our customers can have confidence that all journeys are operating reliably.

For anyone wishing to use either service from the Park & Ride site we can confirm that the Park & Ride £3.00 day ticket is available and valid for travel on both Services 11 and 41.  This ticket is also inter-transferable on services into the city centre from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, meaning customers can use it to board any of the 9 buses per hour on services 3 and 40.

Any questions or concerns for First Aberdeen should be directed by email to customer.services@firstgroup.com.


Duncan Cameron CMILT
Director & General Manager

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  1. Absolutely abysmal service. The only reason it was changed being to squeeze a little more profit out of the public.
    I’d be more than happy to see First Bus forced to bid to provide services for Aberdeen, perhaps then we would get a decent and affordable service. This contract could then be renewed on a two yearly basis, so that whoever won it wouldn’t get complacent.
    Won’t hold my breath on that though, that would require an injection of common sense

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