Bucksburn Local Policing Update January 2012


Serving Dyce, Bucksburn & Kingswells

Local Policing Update

Our Policing priorities are informed by recognition and understanding of what communities need through increased consultation, listening, responding and providing feedback.

Our Force priorities 2011 –12 are :

Community Focus, Road Casualty Reduction, Serious Organised Crime & Drugs, Service Reconfiguration, Public Protection, National Security.

Your Local Policing Team is especially focused on dealing with local issues. Through ongoing consultation and engagement with the community it is clear that the following issues are important to you across Dyce, Bucksburn and Kingswells.

Local Priorities

1. Anti Social Behaviour

Anti Social behaviour in general but particularly around youth annoyance & vandalism.

2. Road Casualty Reduction

A high volume of vehicles travel through our areas every day and with that increased traffic comes road traffic issues. These range from collisions to parking obstructions.

3. Community Focus

This is a wide ranging topic which covers the issues that you feel we should be concentrating on. A broad spectrum of issues such as, an increased uniformed Police   presence,   to   dealing   with   fly tipping   in   our   communal   areas   has arisen.

How we will work together

We work in partnership with the other agencies, local business and community representatives to respond to the issues that concern you most. These partners include Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Fire and Rescue, NHS Grampian and the respective Community Councils serving our three Communities. We also work with local schools, the retail and licensed trade as  well  as  Neighbourhood  Watch schemes.   We will seek to increasingly work with other groups, organisations and private individuals to improve our understanding  of key local problems and to explore opportunities that will help communities tackle them.

This will allow us to –

  • Forge closer working relationships with key individuals and organisations in the area with the aim of tackling community problems in a concerted way and make better use of our respective resources.
  • Increase our activity with partners in relation to youth engagement, diversion and intervention schemes such as Street Mediation and School Liaison.
  • To increase joint working with elected members to raise the profile of the police work required and being done across    Dyce,      Bucksburn      and Kingswells.
  • To support the “Kill your Speed”   and other like campaigns run by Grampian Police  to  address  issues  of irresponsible driving and undertake other activities with a view to reducing and enhancing road safety.

What we have done so far

  • Attended,    where    possible,    all Community Council meetings within the three areas. We provide a report of all crime within each area. We note all concerns raised at these meetings and seek   to   resolve  the   concerns  and issues.
  • Established the Bucksburn, Dyce & Kingswells Pubwatch scheme. This has been set up prior to the full festive celebrations taking place. This will provide the licensed premises mutual support and assistance in time for one of the busiest times of the year. By establishing this scheme it also extends the Pubwatch schemes further out through the city, thus providing an additional tool to combat anti-social behaviour.
  • Pro-actively undertaken an anti-social behaviour operation. This saw officers on foot across Bucksburn, Dyce & Kingswells providing public re- assurance and dealing with those that use or    participate    in    anti-social behaviour.
  • Pro-actively undertaken a Vandalism operation within the three areas. Vandalism is one of the highest repeating crimes in our area. The operation saw high viz uniformed officers deployed on foot over busy weekends. The officers timely interventions ensured that the instances of        Vandalisms     were     significantly reduced.
  • Continued to perform high viz hand held camera speed checks in and around Kingswells due to concerns highlighted by residents. The LPT will continue to do this to educate motorists but also to deal with those that commit offences.

What we will do next

In addition to this, you can expect to see a number of things happening over the coming months:

  • Further increased patrols in and around your areas. Where possible this will involve foot patrols targeting the areas of concern.
  • An increased number of speed checks, where conditions allow, over all three areas.
  • Further establishment of partnerships to enhance the youth work to further reduce Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Continue to enter into community consultation and act on information passed to us by yourselves.

Help us to keep our areas some of the lowest crime areas of Aberdeen by continuing to improve on the already excellent communication we have.

Useful Information

Bucksburn Local Policing Team

Our Team serves the Communities of Dyce, Bucksburn and Kingswells.

We aim to provide an excellent quality of service to those living and working locally and to listen and respond to the issues that affect our community.


I want to encourage you to contact my officers, get to know them and let us know what is happening locally.  That will help us make better decisions about how we can respond and be there at the right time and for the right reasons as often as possible.

If you have any concerns or issues you wish to tell us about, please use the below contact details :

January 2012

If there is an emergency situation which requires immediate police attention please dial 999.

For  non-emergency  contact  please  call our 24 hour non-emergency Service Centre on

Inspector Colin Feeley Local Policing Inspector Bucksburn

Contact Details

Bucksburn Police Office Inverurie Road Bucksburn


Dyce Police Gordon Terrace Dyce ABERDEEN AB21 7BD

Force Headquarters Queen Street ABERDEEN

AB10 1ZA

We are here to help.

We will continue to inform you about our ongoing work in the community as we   progressively tackle issues that negatively impact on your quality of life.

0845 600-5-700 or by e-mail to mypolicingarea@grampian.pnn.police.uk

mentioning Dyce, Bucksburn or Kingswells or Inspector Feeley

or you can send us a text on

07739 93 4444

If you have information about crime in your area and wish to provide it anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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