Kingswells bus service

Bus Service Update on 12th September 2016

Bus Service Update on 12th September 2016

Kingswells Community Council met with Councillors at our meeting to discuss Bus Service Update on 12th September and the bus service was a hot topic. There are various councillors all trying their best to get a suitable outcome for Kingswells as having no bus service around the village is not an option.

Len and Steve have been reported in the press and there is a link to the article here.

Councillors have been speaking to First. They report that First have not submitted the Cancellation Order which is required before the service can be stopped. They have also spoken to Stagecoach who are interested in looking for a solution, but cannot proceed until the Cancellation Order has been submitted. The X17 is a subsidised route so the scope for change is limited as this would impact on the subsidy.

Mark McDonald has contacted ACC regarding a consultation with residents and a consultation will be arranged in the near future. See the letter detailed below.

The Chief Exec of ACC will be meeting with all political groups to discuss the options and the issues will be debated at Council on 6th October.

KCC is working on gathering information, and we will be consulting with the public in the next few days.