C128c Cults-Kingshill Road Reopening 23rd December 2016

ROAD OPENING – 23rd December 2016

C128c Cults-Kingshill Road, Aberdeen

To whom it may concern,

ROAD CLOSURE – C128c Cults-Kingshill Road, Aberdeen
23rd December 2016

We are writing to notify you that the current road closure on the above road will be lifted on the 23rd of December 2016. The road will open to the public and subject to increased traffic volumes.

There will be ongoing works continuing to the roadway, footpath and verges for some time and these will be carried out under traffic lights for the safety of the public and the workforce.

Please note there have been amendments to the existing road layout and signage, and care should be exercised by traffic negotiating this road.

We would also note that further road closures will be progressed on Countesswells Road from the 16th January 2017 for some 8 weeks to complete the off-site infrastructure works for the development.  Signed diversion routes will be in place for these closures.

We understand the road closure impacted greatly on the residents and businesses and we thank you for your patience during the works.

On behalf of W M Donald Ltd, best wishes for the festive season.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Woodley
WM Donald Ltd,
01569 730590