Changes to First Bus Service

September 2015 First Aberdeen Network Change Summary


 Service 1, 1A, 2

Danestone – Robert Gordon University – Danestone, St. Machar Drive – RGU Campus – St. Machar Drive and Ashwood – Robert Gordon University – Ashwood

 This service will be subject to minor journey time amendments to improve reliability.  Services running between St. Machar Drive and RGU Campus only will be renamed service 1A to differentiate from the services 1 and 2; however the service itself will remain unchanged.


 Service 5

Bridge Street – Balnagask Circle – Bridge Street

Services to Craigiebuckler will be withdrawn and the service will operate from Bridge Street to Balnagask Circle only.  The Craigiebuckler area will be served by the revised service 15.

This service will remain on a half hourly frequency.


Service 11

Northfield – Kingswells – Northfield

The frequency of this service during the day from Monday to Saturday will be reduced from every twelve minutes to every fifteen.

The majority of evening journeys will be split into two distinct routes.  One route will operate between Northfield Terminus and Queens Cross on a thirty minute frequency and a second route will operate between Broad Street and Kingswells Medical Centre also on a thirty minute frequency, certain evening services will operate the full route between Northfield and Kingswells.  Passengers wishing to travel between Northfield and Kingswells will need to connect at Broad Street or Queens Cross.


Service 13

Scatterburn – Golf Links

This service will be subject to minor journey time amendments to improve reliability.


Service 15

Beach Retail Park – Craigiebuckler

The service 15 will operate to the Craigiebuckler area that is currently served by the service 5 in addition to the current service to Airyhall.

The service will operate via Union Grove, Cromwell Road, Seafield Road and Countesswells Road, as well as serving both the turning circles on Craigiebuckler Avenue and Countesswells Road before continuing on to Airyhall Avenue, Craigton Road and Springfield Road then returning to the city centre via Seafield Road, Cromwell Road and Union Grove.

The frequency of this service will be every thirty minutes. .

This amendment reflects how these areas are currently served on a Sunday and as a result the journey times for passengers will be significantly increased. Primarily for inbound journeys for Craigiebuckler passengers who will travel via Airyhall and for outbound passengers from Airyhall who will travel via Craigiebuckler.

The Great Western Road section of the current service 15 route will no longer be served..  However Great Western Road will continue to be served by the high frequency services on First Aberdeen service 19 and Stagecoach Bluebird services 201, 202 and 203.


Service 17, 17A, 17B, 18, 18A

Faulds Gate – Aberdeen – Newhills/Dyce and Redmoss – Aberdeen – Dyce

The majority of journeys on the service 17 will be extended to Bankhead during the day.

Services after 19:00 on the 17 route will be re-named the service 18A which will follow a route between Faulds Gate and Dyce via Great Southern Road and Holburn Road and will not serve the Ferryhill area.  This area will be served by the new service 25.


Service 19

Culter – Tillydrone – City Centre – Culter

This service will be subject to minor journey time amendments to improve reliability.


Service 20

Hillhead of Seaton – Aberdeen

The route for this service will commence at Bridge Street instead of Union Terrace.

From Monday to Saturday the service will run on a fifteen minute frequency instead of the current varied frequency of between ten and twenty minutes from Monday to Friday and ten minutes on Saturdays.

Evening services will be withdrawn and services from the city centre to Hillhead of Seaton will be taken over by the new service 25.


Service 23

Heathryfold – Summerhill

This service will be subject to minor journey time amendments to improve reliability.


Service 25

Hillhead of Seaton – Ferryhill

This will be a new service that will replace the evening services to Ferryhill and Hillhead of Seaton currently served on the 17 and 20 routes.  The route will operate via Kings College, Broad Street, St Nicholas Kirk and Deemount Road.

Bright Street and Brunswick Place that are served on the 17 during the day will not be on this route, this is to address concerns of residents to reduce the number of buses operating on these streets each day.