Comments from ACC re the Roadworks 6 September 13

Currently cones are in place on approaches to the roundabout for traffic management and safety purposes. Officers are working with Prime 4’s advisors to finalise the details of the traffic light timings for the new roundabout to operate with three lanes rather than two. While this may seem straightforward the changes to the actual shape of the roundabout means that it cannot work with the previous timings nor indeed with all of the lanes open on approaches as there is a need to safely manage pedestrian movements. In the interim the cones will remain in place until we are satisfied that the new timing will work in ways which are safe.

On the subject of the strategic programme of improvements to road/transport infrastructure the Council has worked very closely with counterparts at Aberdeenshire and Nestrans to develop a methodology to look at the wider impact of major developments and to be able to quantify contributions towards longer term improvements.

This has been captured within the Supplementary Planning Guidance

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