Core Paths Around Kingswells

Photo - Core Paths walkersUnder the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, all Local Authorities and National Park Authorities in Scotland have a statutory duty to prepare a Core Paths Plan that will

“provide the basic framework of routes sufficient for the purpose of giving the public reasonable access throughout their area. The basic framework of routes will link into, and support, wider networks of other paths.”

Photo - Core Paths holburn bridge

The vision for Aberdeen’s Core Paths Plan is to “form a complete paths network throughout the City, encouraging healthy and sustainable access opportunities for all”. The Core Paths Plan will form a key part of outdoor access provision and will help to support wider national, regional and local policy objectives on health, recreation, education, economic development, social inclusion, community development, sustainable transport and tourism.

Aberdeen’s network of core paths will benefit both local people and visitors to Aberdeen by providing a framework of routes for recreation and for travel. In addition, core paths may help to manage access in environmentally sensitive areas and assist land management. The core paths network caters for all user types and abilities

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(e.g. walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, canoeists) but not every core path has to be suitable for use by all. The core paths are made up of many types of path, ranging from natural ground to high specification constructed paths.

The Final Draft Core Paths Plan was subject to a formal consultation between August 2008 and October 2008. Following the consideration of representations and the resolution of objections, the Core Paths Plan was adopted in April 2009.

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Plans of the paths around Kingswells are shown below. You can view them in full screen or download PDFs.