Council hails investment in the city as work begins on multi-million pound Prime Four Business Park

Aberdeen City Council Leader Barney Crockett today (July 26) hailed the start of work on the multi-million pound Prime Four business park on the outskirts of the city.

Councillor Crockett heralded the start of work on Phase 1 of the Prime Four business park at Kingswells, which comprises 350,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art office complexes and global training facilities for oil and gas operators.

Work is expected to be completed by September 2013 with developers Drum Property Group also committing £6 million to a series of road improvements in the surrounding area, which were outlined today.

Councillor Crockett said: “Boosting economic growth is one of our top priorities and work starting today on Prime Four highlights our long-term commitment to schemes such as this.

“We recognise how important this partnership is and greatly welcome this fresh investment. It demonstrates our commitment to making Aberdeen an outstanding place to live, invest and bring up families. It is good to see that despite global economic concerns business is still strong in Europe’s energy capital.”

Following months of consultation with the local community and working closely with the Council’s roads department a programme of works has now been agreed in a bid to minimise disruption for motorists as work is carried out over a number of months on and around the A944 Skene Road.

This programme will see the widening of the A944 east and westbound with additional access lanes to Prime Four and the existing Kingswells roundabout realigned prior to completion of Phase 1.

Preparatory work began last night (25 July) with a 30mph speed limit imposed approaching the Kingswells roundabout on the A944 Skene Road from a point 250m west of the Ardene House Veterinary Hospital access road, to a point 500m east of the Kingswells Roundabout. The speed limit will be enforced during off-peak times and only when work is being carried out.

Work will continue when the northbound Cults to Kingshill road, between Nether Kingshill and the A944 Skene Road, will be closed from 6 August to northbound traffic for up to 15 weeks.

An alternative route for northbound vehicles is available via the Countesswells Road, Springfield Road, Queen’s Road and Skene Road.

The one-way system will be signposted at the Blacktop junction. Southbound access from the Kingswells roundabout on the A944 towards Cults will remain.

Councillor Crockett said: “Obviously a development on this scale will have an impact on the surrounding network so it was vital that provision was made for the additional traffic that will travel to and from the area.

“Drum Property Group has made a commitment to improving the surrounding infrastructure and working with the Council’s roads team has devised a programme of works.

“This work will cause disruption but this will significantly ease day-to-day operations when complete. This will cause some motorists inconvenience for the time being and we ask that they are patient while the work is ongoing.

“I’m sure Drum Property Group will be working hard to make sure everything will be done as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to road users.”

Director of Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure Gordon McIntosh said: “This is a very exciting time for Aberdeen. Once complete this development will play a central role in Aberdeen’s economic success.

“With a development of this nature, the level of investment and attention to detail in the Prime Four plan will bring not just investment but improvements to the local community, which will help maintain Aberdeen’s status as Europe’s energy capital.

“The developers Drum Property Group have worked very closely with Aberdeen City Council every step of the way to ensure this development is in keeping with our Local Development Plan as well as carrying out lengthy consultation in the local community to make sure they are involved in the process.

“This is a major investment and commitment to the city, one which could generate hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds of annual investment every year.”

Plans for phase one of the new business park in Kingswells were unanimously approved by members of Aberdeen City Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee in February.


  1. I agree, I don’t see what Kingswells gets out of this except attracting traffic. Fine if you are one of the few who live in Kingswells and will work there but most certainly won’t, rather people will travel here from outside increasing local traffic. We’ll still be travelling to city for main shopping and Westhill for smaller shops and Tesco.

  2. I do agree, it is just another industrial estate….with the same promotional spin as the proposed stadium, from many years ago…..state-of-the-art ….global training facilities ….blah…blah…blah…zzzzzzzzzz…..yawn…yawn….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. No offices, they all move out to Westhill. City centre only full of charity shops. You also have to pay to park. Next year I can walk to my work!!!
    Do you not think that this is not good for the community ?

    1. Well, I can’t really see what good it will bring to the community. It will probably make the traffic situation worse. I find the community is just fine as it is. After all it is just another industrial estate so why should it have any impact on the community. It will have nothing to do with us. It’ s not like it’s part of the village and neither are those new houses, they are the dual carriageway people 🙂 🙂

  4. Why do you think that we’ll never have to travel to the city centre then?
    There arn’t going to be shops there, just offices (I hope).

    As for being equal to Westhill……I don’t want to be. I like Kingswells as it is.

    A for the article itself, I would like to know what improvements to the local community they had in mind…hmmm. First bus have already downgraded our one and only bus route. Maybe the Drum Property Group could help with a local bus service, now that would be helping our community.

  5. This investment will finally make Kingswells equal to Westhill. No longer will we ever have to travel into Aberdeen city centre.

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