Council to take part in second phase of government affordable housing initiative

Aberdeen City Council is to take part in the second phase of a Scottish Government scheme to help deliver affordable housing across the city.

The National Housing Trust (NHT) initiative allows developers and councils to jointly fund homes with local authority loans to the scheme being underwritten by the Scottish Government.

It will help Aberdeen City Council build 50 properties in the city. The council also successfully applied for funding in the first phase of the NHT for 50 homes.

Phase one NHT homes are currently under development at Kingswells. The properties will be available for rent for a minimum of five years and a maximum of 10 years and will be sold at the end of this period, either to the sitting tenant or on the open market. They will be offered to applicants on the council’s waiting lists.

Pete Leonard, the council’s Director of Housing and Environment, said: “This is fantastic news from Aberdeen City Council’s point of view and is a great step forward in helping us fulfil the need for affordable housing in the city.

“We understand that the demand for affordable and council housing is high and we have numerous developments in the works that will go some way to helping alleviate housing waiting lists.”

Aberdeen City Council is currently committed to building council housing in the city with various developments in the works.

Phase one of the council housing programme involves the creation of up to 85 new homes; 30 at Hayton Road in Tillydrone, 28 at Byron Court in Northfield and 27 at Rorie Hall, Cults. The second phase will see the development of 35 new homes of various types and sizes, comprising two and three bedroom family properties, with parking, at Marchburn Drive. Phase three will see 31 homes built on Oldcroft Place.

Aberdeen City Council’s Housing and Environment Convener, Councillor Aileen Malone, added: “Times are tough economically for many people and the demand for council housing is high so it is fortuitous that this council had the vision to commit to a programme of building homes that are designed for 21st century living.”

Aberdeen’s new build council housing programme sees the creation of inspirational 21st century housing which is of high quality, sustainable, energy efficient and incorporates a degree of flexibility to meet the future needs of tenants.These developments are intended to re-generate areas and provide much needed accommodation within the city that will strengthen community spirit and enhance neighbourhood identities. These family homes are conveniently located within walking distance of amenities, transport links and local schools ensuring the creation of sustainable communities for the future.


  1. Sorry, did I miss this completely before??? First ‘affordable’ housing courtesy of our friend S Milne, and now this?

    This is extremely bad news for Kingswells. The reason most people live here is because they work hard, and live respectable lives.

    I have no problem with housing being offered to those who hold jobs and need to get their first foot on the housing ladder, and I respect completely that not everyone on benefits and in council accommodation is a low life, but from experience, they are in the minority. Without doubt this will lead to increased crime, vandalism and have a negative affect on houseprices.

    Not only that, Kingswells and Cults will now be associated with Tillydrone and Northfield. And when will the community get additional resources? I shall not hold my breath.

    I realise many reading this will consider me to be prejudiced, but I have worked with those on benefits previously and also had to live in council accommodation in my younger years so please respect my opinion as I will respect yours.

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