Crime Reduction Bulletin Sept 16

Crime Reduction Bulletin Sept 16

Good afternoon everyone,

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a sizeable number of incidents where thefts have taken place from vehicles, especially cars, where the owners have either forgotten, or chosen not to lock their vehicles. The same areas of Aberdeen are starting to feature once again for this problem. Failing to lock a vehicle obviously makes things far easier for a thief who can then steal from the vehicle, quickly and quietly. This is especially worrying as the nights are starting to get darker again, which provides thieves with even more cover.

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here but, can I re-emphasise the importance of locking car doors, especially at night? Ideally, this involves using the key in the lock and testing the door handle to confirm that the car is secure, rather than relying on the remote key fob or auto-lock system. A routine like this only takes 5 minutes and can substantially reduce the chance of you becoming the victim of theft. Removing valuable items or items of potential interest to a thief, such mobile phones, laptops and satnavs, and placing them in the glove compartment or boot, or removing them from the car completely can also help a great deal. It may take a bit of effort to change habit, but it will quickly become second nature and will greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Similarly, there have been a number of reports of insecure garages being targeted by thieves, often at night, and substantial amounts of property such as golf clubs, bicycles and tools being stolen. Again leaving a garage insecure makes things far too easy for thieves and may have insurance implications for the householder. Most modern garages have locks fitted which only takes few seconds to apply. If your garage lock is broken or the key has been lost please take action to remedy this rather than wait to replace the property after it’s been stolen.

Finally, there have been a small number of recent housebreakings where the thief has gained access through an open window whilst the householder slept in another room. They have then awoken some time later to find that an intruder has been in their home and that some of their property is now missing. As with doors, windows should be locked at night before retiring to bed, especially if they are on the ground floor and easily accessible from outside.

The common theme through all of these points is that all that would be needed to greatly reduce the opportunity for thieves and reduce the chances of becoming a victim is a simple change of habit, rather than having to spend money on security products. My concern is that once an area is seen as being a soft target by thieves, they will keep coming back there.

On a different note (no pun intended) the Bank of England will start to issue its new £5 note on Tuesday 13 September, with aims to introduce a new £10 note during the summer of 2017. There will be noticeable differences to the current notes. Further information can be found here:


If you would like security advice on how to keep your home, garage or vehicle more secure, please give us a call at the Crime Reduction Unit on the Police Scotland non-emergency number of 101 and we’d be only too pleased to help.

Bob McKinney

Constable A8930
Crime Reduction Unit,
Police Scotland,
North East Division,
Nigg Police Office
230 Abbotswell Crescent, Nigg,
AB12 3JT,
Tel: 101