Defibrillator Update 01 – 14th October

Defibrillator Update 01 – 14th October

Good news, the defibrillator was delivered last week. We are currently working on installing it at the chemist and we hope this will be complete in the next few weeks.

To support this Publicly Accessible Defibrillator we are planning to arrange a training event by the Resilience Officer of the Scottish Ambulance Service.  We are asking for some dates for the first training session, hopefully this will be within the next month.

The training event will be approximately 1.5 hours with a maximum number of 12 people. If there is a greater expression of interest additional training events could be organised. We currently have 10 residents who have expressed an interest.

We would like to invite individuals with an interest in receiving this training to leave their contact details at https://kwells .org/defib. You can also use this link if you require further information.

Can you please share this invitation with  anyone who you think might be interested. We want to spread this news as widely as possible.


Kingswells Community Council