Defibrillator Update 02 – 23rd October

Defibrillator Update 02 – 23rd October

Good news, the publicly accessible defibrillator has now been installed at Dickie’s Pharmacy, Kingswells. It has been registered with the Scottish Ambulance ‘999’ Service and is now ready for use.  The defibrillator is housed in a coded box. In an emergency when phoning for an ambulance anyone needing access to the defibrillator will be given the access code.


The first training session was completed last night. The Resilience Officer of the Scottish Ambulance Service provided CPR and Defibrillator training for 12 residents.

We plan to have additional training sessions for any Kingswells resident who expresses an interest. The training only takes around 90 minutes and provides a little theory, some practical advice and some hands-on experience of both CPR and use of the defibrillator. It is very easy and many found the session provided a level of confidence to provide CPR and to use the defibrillator when required.

The defibrillator is fully automatic and when switched on will:

  • Provide an audible guide for step-by-step instructions during defibrillation and CPR treatment
  • The defibrillator will determine if and when to automatically administer the shock
  • Built-in sensor monitors compressions and provides Real CPR Help to ensure effective chest compressions
  • Pictures on the defibrillator show each step.

If you want to get involved in a future training session then please use the contact form at
https://kwells .org/defib to leave your details, or email If you have a preference for morning, afternoon, or evening training then please add this to the comment section of the form. Your contact details are required to keep you informed of future training events. You can also use this link if you require further information.

Can you please share this invitation with  anyone who you think might be interested. We want to spread this news as widely as possible.


Kingswells Community Council