Details of Roadworks on A944 7th-10th December 2012

 A944 Road Improvements – December 2012

There will be planned road improvement works along the A944 at the Kingswells Roundabout over December 2012 and January and February 2013. The works will install new drainage, power and communication ducting and will involve excavating several utility trenches crossing the A944. The trenches will run from West of the Park & Ride up to Kingswells roundabout.

To minimise disruption and to ensure the works are completed as quickly as possible, work will be undertaken during off-peak at weekends only, and parts of these works will be carried out during nightshift working hours. Local residents close to the roundabout will be notified directly of the works.

The works have been split into two phases and the impact on traffic is detailed below. Drum Property Group thank all local residents and road users for their understanding and cooperation as these vital works are completed.

PHASE 1: 7-10 December 2012

From 18:30 on Friday the 7th to 06:00 on Monday the 10th of December, 2012, there will be a prohibition of certain manoeuvres at the Kingswells Roundabout while a contra-flow is in place.

Traffic coming from Kingswells will be permitted to turn left only. Traffic wishing to access the C128C Cults-Kingshill or Westhill will be diverted via the Green Hedges Roundabout at the junction of the A944/B9119.

Traffic coming from Aberdeen will be permitted to turn left or go straight ahead only. Traffic wishing to access the C89C Chapel of Stoneywood-Fairley Road will be diverted via the Westhill Roundabout.

Traffic coming from Westhill will be permitted to turn left or go straight ahead only. Traffic wishing to access the C128C Cults-Kingshill will be diverted via the Green Hedges Roundabout at the junction of the A944/B9119.

Traffic coming from Cults will be permitted to turn left only. Traffic wishing to access the C89C Chapel of Stoneywood-Fairley Road or Aberdeen will be diverted via the Westhill Roundabout.

If phase 1 cannot commence on the 7th of December due to inclement weather, it will be rescheduled for the weekend beginning the 18th of January, 2013.


  1. ACC just don’t listen to KCC. Even when Peter Stephens was there.

    By the way long time no hear Mike. You still waving your cheque book at sir Stewart Milne & his council friends …lol

    Bring on the proposed Aberdeen stadium……might as well, it will compliment the Drum collection.

  2. Thank you for following this up. I note all you say but the discerning reader will be able to conclude that at least one weekend’s disruption could have been avoided. Either by directional drilling which is an established technique in enlightened communities or by making available the existing alternative road resource, to which both the community council and the city council are opposed we learn.

    The conclusion that the residents are being taken for granted is inescapable.

  3. I have discovered that Drum made a request to ACC to use the Old Lang Stracht during the periods when road works are in place. ACC did not give permission on the basis that it is a bus priority route and additional traffic would affect the bus service.

    I raised a motion at last night KCC meeting to go to ACC and request a dispensation to re-open the Lang Stracht on a temporary basis during periods when road works were in place. This was turned down 3 votes for and 8 against the motion. KCC is concerned that this would set precedent and would not be beneficial to Kingswells in the long term.

  4. I appreciate that Kingswells Community Council is not responsible for dumping this on Kingswells residents on a like it or lump it basis. I wonder if you could help us to establish:

    Did the developers seek to provide access to Kingswells via the old Lang Stracht during the works? At an average of 30mpg, every diversion via the Westhill roundabout costs about £1.70 in fuel alone. Arguably worse, at peak times it’s adding 30 minutes to the journey to Kingswells from Aberdeen. I heard about people being charged £27 for a taxi from Aberdeen to Kingswells because of the diversion.

    Do you know if the developers or the city council sought advice from the many specialist drilling companies based in Aberdeen on creating the trenches by drilling under the road? Or whether any other alternatives were considered that would have avoided this disruption?

    Aberdeen City Council may (or may not) be interested to learn that many Kingswells folk simply decided to do their Christmas shopping in Westhill to avoid some of the chaos. The shire will be pleased with the revenues displaced from city centre traders.

    1. Mike,

      KCC has not been involved in the planning of these roadworks.

      The roadworks only apply Friday night to Monday morning. So they will not affect peak time travel.

      Taxis are a problem. The bus route is diverted by the Old Lang Stracht, so the late night buses are probably the best way to get home from town. They run at 12, 1am, 2am, 3am from Union Street.

      The Park and Ride is running into town during the festive period.

      We have a meeting tomorrow night so we will see if Councillors can get the Lang Stracht re-opened whilst the roadworks are in place. Not sure if the road is fit for the traffic it may attract.

      The works include providing additional lanes and moving the centre of the roundabout, so alternative technology would not resolve all the issues. The roadworks are a pain, but after the work is complete the traffic flows should improve over current peak flows. Hopefully, it will be worth the inconvenience the roadworks cause in the short term.

      1. I am not seeking a personal opinion on these matters. I would be grateful to receive, in due course, some reporting on the results of pursuing the actions suggested.

        Perhaps there might be a reluctant acceptance that nothing at all can be done in all cases if alternatives have been thoroughly explored. But no, no and no again as a position of first resort leaves the community council looking alarmingly ready to throw in the towel before the gloves have been donned. Which contrasts with the successes the tenacity of Kingswells Community Council has achieved in previous years.

        Perhaps the developers are already providing financial compensation to the community. If not, they could be asked to do so – which may well benefit the community council. Fair taxi charges could have been proposed through the licencing department of the city council, and the developers could have been asked to verify that they have pursued and rejected all other alternatives to closing sections of the road.

        I should point out that some of the information you have provided is factually incorrect. It is plain to see this morning that no new lanes have been laid in the period 7 – 10 December, to the KCC announcement of which I am specifically responding. It remains open to question whether ducting could have been achieved by drilling under the road, thereby eliminating or minimising at least one weekend of disruption.

        The fact that only now, belatedly, is the question of opening the old Lang Stracht being pursued – with negative expectations duly established – suggests that more could indeed have been done to mitigate the disruption to the weekend leisure time of residents.

        I am indebted to you for the fascinating information that buses operate at various times throughout the early morning.

        1. Mike,

          Please accept my apologies if I did not address your issues. I attempted to put forward a positive spin and to offer alternative solutions to the issues you raised. Similar issues will occur over many weekends and as you point out the response is general – its too late to deal with drilling. Hopefully some members of the public may take something positive from the posting.

          I know people who have taken the late night bus instead of a taxi and by your figures saved a £27 taxi fare.

          As KCC were not involved in planning the roadworks we cannot answer the questions you raise in your first post.

  5. This is the “beginning of the end”
    Kingswells will now become the new Dyce.
    It is not progress, it is just role reversal.

    1. Re-open the Lang Stracht for the duration of the roadworks that would solve a lot of problems

      1. Eric,

        We will suggest re-opening the Lang Stracht to our Councillors tomorrow at the KCC meeting.


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