Kingswells Community council Minutes of Meeting June 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 11th June, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), John Gerrie, Tom Straiton, Stan McEwan.
Apologies: Ivan Tonna, Meg Sands, Sam Stafrace.
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve Delaney (SD)Police: Sergeant Kev Murray, PC ShannonKaren Riddoch, ACC Community Council Liaison OfficerBecky Edghill, KCN new edito





Introduction by ChairBarrie read out the following statement:“I have received various complaints from members of the public in Kingswells on the behaviour of a Kingswells Community Councillor, Ron Howie. I believe that this member – On occasions, is not behaving in a manner expected of a Community Councillor when interacting with the public.

Is bringing the name of Kingswells Community Council into disrepute.

Has shown, on frequent occasions, to breach the Community Council Code of Conduct adopted by Kingswells Community Council in September 2009.

Consequently, I hereby propose the motion that –

 “This committee no longer has confidence in Mr Ron Howie to continue in his position as a member of Kingswells Community Council and asks for his resignation”.

As complaints now police matter, details could not be disclosed re nature of complaint when Ron asked for specifics.

As Ron did not offer his resignation, the meeting voted on “No Confidence”: 7 for. 0 against. (Alex not present at this point). Temporary suspension applied waiting outcome of police investigation.  Ron to be withdrawn from KCC mailing list.





Police report circulated. Statistics show one of safest areas of Aberdeen to live.


TrafficNESCAMP/ACC conducted survey on A944. Figures encouraging. Majority of users abiding speed limits. Small number over speed limit in relation to % volume of traffic. Conclusion was average speed not meeting criteria to warrant fixed camera.NESCAMP decide whether to install a fixed speed camera, not police.KCC members had concerns where survey was conducted – not giving true statistics as the average includes peak times when traffic is almost at a standstill.There was some discussion re crash barriers on the A944Newhills Road – recent incidents of cars in field concerning (3 on same night last week). Not problem area identified for police.  Statistics may well justify some implementation of speed calming measure – possibly flashing sign.


Reported incidents still not appearing on report.  Police assure crimes are logged & recorded.
Next meeting – holiday Monday.  Colleen e-mail Kev to confirm. Police may be unable to attend.



Members of the public




Councillor Delaney updated meeting on recent council business & activity relating to his ward/area:Beacon Play scheme to remain open. Prime Four briefing.Public consultation of Huxterstone masterplan.Taxi ranks will remain on Union St.Double yellow lines to be removed from Old Skene Road/to be introduced on Kingswood drive either side of pedestrian crossing.Disabled parking space legislation to be changed.(KCC don’t appear to get notified of traffic orders & road changes notifications even though we are statutory consultees – used to. Barrie to contact Planners).

Traffic problem at Dobbies junction: Survey required to ascertain if safety issue. Any junction improvement costs would have to be met by Dobbies. Bancon development is 3-5 years from altering junction to accommodate new housing.

KCC hoped new administration will take KCC views into account more readily. SD encouraged KCC to keep submitting objections & observations. Don’t lose faith. Comments always helpful. Planning process admittedly easier for developers.

Road surface report to be prepared by Stan and forwarded to SD. SD advised Broaddykes already on ACC action list.

Damaged road at Fairley Road caused by heavy vehicles using road whilst building Barratt Development. Barrie already identified problem to Barratts – they to inspect and report back.

Barratts planning gain believed to have gone to village hall improvement fund.

Wellside Wynd playpark damage: Fence was not repaired properly by ACC. Consider removing the fence.

Resident Associations

Malcolm Allan retiring. He has maintained common land  surrounding Midmar for 20 years. He did not initiate RA. KCC concerned who will maintain land when he no longer does it?

Broaddykes also prob. Some residents extending gardens.

Barratts development aware of initiating RA at Old Skene Road.




Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting


Core path route 46 upgrade: KCC members and ACC officer to meet & discuss.


Bus Shelter: Tom reported graffiti. Lighting looked as if fixed.


Car parking signs outside Co-op: Owners advised: Disabled spaces require stake with sign. Hatched bit at top of stairs requires painting. Pot holes also advised by Barrie.


ACC planning website: ACC have tasked someone with job of finding improvements.  Feed any comments to Ian.



Chemist sign still seeking planning permission.


Sam progressing fencing around school playground.


Prime Four Drainage work: water collecting with pumping device. Water level looks lower – maybe natural at this time of year? Graham Bone said SEPA had approved work. Water going in to Denburn. Taking precautions to filter it.
West 1:Development compliance with building standards is still questioned. John prepared an addendum for Huxterstone – to be sent to Sandy Beattie.Post Meeting Note:

KCC met with SMG to discuss the issues KCC have with the house type used at the West 1 development. A summary of the findings of the meeting and observations made by KCC are detailed below:

  1. The West1 bedrooms pass warrant if single beds are used.
  1. The space required between beds and wardrobes that is essential for a single bed is deemed unnecessary for larger beds.  The spirit of the regulations is clear to KCC,  but is not enforced as the bed in the diagram shown in the regulations has a width shown,  and the rule is deemed only applicable to single beds.
  1. KCC argue that all beds require at least the same space around them as the bed shown in the diagram.  It would appear that there is a loop hole in the regulations that is being exploited by developers.
  1. The show house is furnished with double beds in the bedrooms to illustrate to potential owners how the rooms would look if the owner chooses to compromise the minimum building standards and put double beds in their bedrooms.
  1. There is a requirement to have a space 1200 long by 800 wide in front of a bath.  West1 homes don’t meet this requirement.The justification is that there is space downstairs for a toilet, wash hand basin and an optional shower with the required amenity space.So because there is space to get into a shower you don’t have you do not need space around a bath you do have.
  1. There is a requirement to have a certain oval space around a cooker.  It is not permissible to have fixed furniture with in this space but it is ok to have a table and chairs.It would appear that if a wheelchair user wanted to access the cooker they would first have to move the table and chairs.
  1. It is noted that the house type used in West 1 have been approved by every Council in Scotland including ACC.

The West1 homes comply with building standards with the above caveats It is for potential owners to decide if these homes are suitable for their needs.


Planning & Environmental Issues
Countesswells events upcoming 14/15/16 June (15thJune2-8pm Fourmile).Craibstone masterplan online today. May impact on Kingswells.


Balance £882.17. Accounts ready to be audited.AGM: 9th July.




SMG: Colleen to contact Mike Milne, SMG re maintenance of  Bucksburn valley.



Len Ironside pursuing village centre maintenance.


Litter pick for village centre. Barrie to contact Steven Shaw re walkabout.



A very large (empty) flower tub with a central post for handing baskets appeared at the entrance of Kingswells beside Fairley Road on the Kingswells “Bypass”.   Not KCC.Post meeting note: The FourMile are funding and ACC are maintaining the tub.



Welcome to Kingswells Signs: final planting of summer plants required under signs. This work will take place in the autumn, meanwhile a bit of weeding is required.



Karen updated meeting on community council business:Elections: Notification: 22 August. Karen to send link to forms on ACC website.Thursday 20 September: deadline for applications.Thursday 25October: date of election/results announced.Community Council Civic ReceptionWed 26thSept civic reception for all Community Councillors. Venue: beach ballroom.Scheme for establishment for community councils:complete.Grievance & Compliants Procedure

Karen working on implementing disciplinary guidelines.

ACC e-mail account for community councils – only 1 uptake so no requirement for Karen to process. KCC e-mail system and website works well.

Website: Westhill CC website good with photos. Something to think about for new CC in October.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 9th July 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 10.15.



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  1. Core path route 46 upgrade:

    There is plenty evidence that it has been used this year (2012).
    The unofficial sign post & KCC news letter has raised the public awareness.

    Local business: such as Marshall Leisure & Wynford Farm could benefit from the path……..leave the car at home & enjoy the healthy walk!!!

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