First Aberdeen Proposed Network Review

First Aberdeen will be holding a public drop in session on Wednesday 4 July at the Douglas Hotel, Market Street, Aberdeen from 10am until 6pm.

Customers and members of the general public are invited to drop in past and give their feedback and comments with regards to our proposed network changes.

Or customers can give their feedback online at

Summary information of our proposed network changes are available online at

Our consultation period ends 15 July 2012


  1. Proposed Bus Service Changes (482.8 KiB)
    Proposed Bus Service Changes

  2. Service 11 Kingswells Map (518.4 KiB)
    Route of the new bus service around Kingswells


  1. Ian, how did you find out this informaation?. I still think the terminal is in the wrong place (opposite the doctors) thats the main road through Kingswells. The route should travel around Kingswells Crescent in a clockwise direction and travel down Kingswells Avenue in the other direction than what is now proposed. Then the bus can use the bus stop outside the school as the terminal – which is already a purpose built off-the-road bus stop and not in anybody’s way while waiting (if in fact it does wait).
    I guess nobody at FIRST lives at Kingswells, especially those that thought out this route.
    When I went to Douglas Hotel for the meeting, the guy from FIRST said that the people who live at the present terminal were moaning because they had to sit on the bus and wait a bit before the journey began. Do they not realise that when the route changes they are still going to have to wait at the new terminal on their way home then.

  2. Not sure if I agree with the above comments.

    First have now agreed to continue to serve Fairley Road, and to reintroduce the late night service. So they are listening.

    Looks like the letter advising a 15 min service was wrong. The 11 will run on a 30 min service.

  3. Did you speak Polish ? Doric ? Double dutch ?

    Best speak to the bus driver, they should know were they are going……or better still rip up your “free bus pass” buy a bicycle & throw yourself under a No 11….

    These public events “road shows” are only lip service….

  4. Yes…. I went to the Douglas Hotel meeting and what I had to tell them went in one ear and out the other. It doesn’t seem to matter what you say, FIRST bus will do what they want anyway. This meeting was a complete waste of time. It was just for FIRST to go through the motions to appear interested ..

  5. Summary of the proposed changes:

    1. 14 will be replaced by a new service 11
    2. The route of the No 11 is shown on the attached map and will be on a 15 min service.
    3. The No 11 will not go along Fairley Road, but will go to P&R and then around Kingswells.
    4. Proposed new bus stop near the end of Fairley Road / West 1.
    5. New terminus at the Doctors’ Surgery stop.

    6. the 40 becomes the 41 and will only go as far as ARI.
    7. 41 will be on a 30 min service.
    8. 40 will go from ARI to Bridge of Don on a 20 min service.
    9. Number of buses at ARI will double.

    First bus are looking for your comments. Should you have any comments to make with regards to the proposed network changes, you can do so by emailing

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