Huxterstone Comments on 1st Consultation

The Kingswells Community Council response on the 1st Consultation – the full Huxterstone Comments on 1st consultation are included in the attached file.

Kingswells Community Council have reviewed the information presented on 26th March 2012 regarding the Master Plan for OP42 in Kingswells, and they make the following comments:

  • The number of homes cannot exceed the allotted 120 in the Local Development Plan as the school roll cannot support more. The development must integrate with the existing community and children from the development must go to school in Kingswells.
  • House styles should be in keeping with the area, with no gaudy colours. House heights should be kept low – one and a half storeys would be best, but with some housing suitable for the elderly – ie. bungalows with easy access and no stairs.
  • Any smaller houses / affordable homes should not be built in the style of West One.
  • All homes should have gardens with adequate space for homeowners to enjoy their property and the views available from the site. Outside clothes drying facilities should be provided for all homes.
  • The layout of the streets should avoid straight rows of housing, and should include a mix of house types and sizes in each street. Curves are more interesting than straight lines and they should be used where possible.
  • The pitch of roofs should be similar to others in Kingswells (ie. no flat roofs), with a mix of colours for roofing materials.
  • Houses should be well insulated and the south-facing aspect of the site should be exploited as far as possible by incorporating solar panels.
  • The access to the site should be from two accesses off Fairley Road. One at the south could form a crossroads at the existing junction with the distributor road. The other should be as far north as possible.
  • No vehicular access should be provided to/from the Old Lang Stracht as this is now used by walkers, cyclists, horses and is a bus lane. Access to the Lang Stracht should be by footpath to integrate the development area with the local network of core paths.
  • Housing near the Lang Stracht should back onto the road or should be side-on to the road and should respect the privacy of existing houses. The Lang Stracht should not become a street with housing facing onto the road.
  • Housing should integrate with Fairley Road, facing outwards to form a ‘street’ with the provision of a local store.
  •  On the eastern boundary of the site, no features should be included which will enable the building of a future access road into fields to the east of the current site. It has been made clear by both ACC and Scottish Government reporters that this area is not acceptable for housing.
  • We support the inclusion of interconnecting safe play areas/ green spaces.
  • Adequate litter bins, dog bins and grit bins need to be included.
  • There should be adequate car parking spaces for visitors.
  • Roads should be suitable for snow clearing.
  • SUDS ponds should be well designed and aesthetically pleasing. They should not be big “dry basins” in the ground. They should integrate with the surrounding area and must enhance biodiversity, particularly if sited in the GSN area.
  • The GSN area should be enhanced as well as protected, with no excessively wide paths included.
  • Written assurances are needed that a Residents Association will be set up.


  1. Huxterstone response (423.2 KiB)