Huxterstone Consultation no 2

The information presented at Huxterstone Consultation no 2 on May 22 is available below.


Stewart Milne Homes and Graham Homes are preparing a
Masterplan for the development of OP42 which will inform
subsequent  planning  applications.  This  and  the  other
community  consultation  sheets  illustrate  a  draft  of  that
masterplan alongside analysis which has assisted its
development. They would  therefore welcome  your  comments
on the following;

•   Landscape setting;
•   Site features;
•   Linkages to and from the site;
•   House types and styles; and
•   The draft masterplan.

Please return Feedback Forms by Wednesday 6th June 2012 to:

Huxterstone Consulta!on,
Natasha Douglas,
Planning Consultant,
Ryden, 25 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1YL .

Or email:

The elements identified will allow the site to be developed with
a unique character and sense of place.

What happens next?

The draft Masterplan will evolve  further having  regard  to  the
comments  received  at  this  second  community  consultation.
This meeting  and  the  initial  consultation  event  sought  input
from local stakeholders, community organisations to augment
ongoing discussion with Aberdeen City Council. Input received
as a result of this dialogue will be reviewed and thereafter the
Masterplan will be finalised and submitted  to  the Council  for
approval as Supplementary Guidance.

Your comments will be passed to Aberdeen City Council as part
of the reporting of pre-application consultation, who will take
this into consideration when determining any future planning
application.  Comments  and  representations  will  inform  the
preparation  of  the  Masterplan.  You  are  encouraged  to
complete the accompanying Feedback Form as a response to
Stewart Milne Homes and Graham Homes.

You  will  have  further  opportunity  to  comment  directly  to
Aberdeen  City  Council  once  the  planning  applications  have
been submitted.


  1. Kingswells 1 (3.8 MiB)

  2. Kingswells 2 (3.6 MiB)

  3. Kingswells 3 (1.4 MiB)

  4. Kingswells 4 (4.6 MiB)

  5. Kingswells5 (4.9 MiB)

One comment

  1. I have just attended the recent consultation at The four Mile house.

    My concerns about this development are with the effects on the already overcrowded Kingswells primary School. I was told at the consultation that the figures were expected to level out over the next few years but there is no way this can possibly happen with the amount of building taking place around Kingswells.

    The amount of traffic leaving and entering the new development is also bound to affect the congestion already experienced on the Kingsells – Newhills route.

    Can these developers not be requested to repair the roads they dig up to access utilities? Old Skene Road is like patchwork since Barratt completed their development there. Can they not be expected to resurface these roads on completeion since the council are so stretched for cash?

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