Kingswells Community Council Minute June 2014

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 9th June, 2014
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Meg Sands
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, John Gerrie, Tom Straiton



Apologies: Ivan Tonna, Councillor David Cameron
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve Delaney

Police Sgt Jamieson and Sgt Alan McKenzie

Member of the public

Lidia Revello from the Evening Express


Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair         
2 Police Report  
  Police report was received by email. 8 drivers were charged with speeding on local roads.  
  Speeding and parking on yellow lines and at crossings continues to be an issue. These matters are being dealt with by the police.  
  KCC thanked Sgt Jamieson for his efforts in Kingswells and wished him well in his new position. Sgt McKenzie will be the area Sgt going forward.  
3 Members of the public  
  Resident had their car damaged in the car park by the shops. There was no CCTV record of the incident.  
4 Councillors  
  Steve reported that fibre broadband should be available in Kingswells between July and October. Details can be found on with links to Digital Scotland Website.  
  The recent visit to the school by councillors confirmed that there was little scope for expansion to accommodate the children from new developments.

The planners admitted that there was an issue with school role, but recommended approval of the increased number of homes proposed by developers at West Huxterstone. The number of homes is in excess of that assigned by the Local Development Plan.

Local Councillors and KCC recommended that new development be phased to minimise the impact on the school role, but this has been ignored and the new development will be larger than originally planned and will not be phased to suit the school.

  KCC are amazed by the decisions made to justify approval of  this planning application.  
  The new dog bin off Old Skene Road has funding and should be available in the near future.

The condition of some of the existing bins around Kingswells is poor, and the bins don’t hold the contents.

KCC is to prepare a list of bins and pass to Steve.

Tom is to write an article for the newsletter. Any under-used bins can be relocated.

There is also an issue with bagged dog waste hanging from trees and being dumped in bushes etc.






  Steve provided a summary of the recent council meeting re the provision of bus stops on the A944.

The Council approved the costing of new bus stops and crossings near the Five Mile Garage, but did not approve any further work investigating reinstatement of the bus stop opposite the church.

KCC was disappointed by this decision.

5 Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved.

6 Matters Arising from the previous meeting  
  Lock block around Corse area has been replaced in a piecemeal manner and is not to a good standard. Steve asked that the issue should be raised again if it becomes problematic. Alex
  The issue with the need for bollards at the P&R has not been resolved. Alex is to continue to monitor. Alex

Japanese Knotweed continues to be an issue. There was a suggestion that DEFRA is contacted to seek advice. An article should be written in the KCN.


Ian is to email David to get an update on the Fairley Road Field.

7 Planning & Environmental Issues  
  Tree planting is required at West 1. Approximately a third of the trees are dead and need to be replaced. Tom
  The public meeting for the AWPR start in the coming weeks. Advertise on the website and notice board. .


8 Accounts  
  There was no change to the balance of accounts.  
9 AOCB  
  Ask the Evening Express to advertise for new members. Tom is to prepare a brief article. EE
  KCC agreed to continue to rotate the position of Chair. No one was keen to take the position of vice chair.  
  Work is about to start at Maidencraig. This may include road improvements.  
10 Date of Next meeting:  
  Next meeting will be on Monday 14th July 2014 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 21:25.