Kingswells Community Council Minute October 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 8th October, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Tom Straiton, Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace, Ivan Tonna.
Apologies: Meg Sands, Stan McEwan, Councillor David Cameron.
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve Delaney (SD).Police representative Constables Minty & Macaskill.Members of the public: June & Guy Bentinck.2 Journalism students from RGU.





Introduction by Chair


Police Report
Police report circulated. Correction to report: 4 thefts + 1 sneak in theft @ Wellside Avenue. Patrols continuing. Vandalism at Wellside Wynd – children involved to be cautioned.Suggestions: Highlight insecure thefts again in newsletter. Make use of private CCTV.
Any other police business:Parking problem during Saturday football at Kingswood Mews. Cars parking on pavement.


Members of the public
No specific issues.




Covered in items 6 & 7 below.


Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting


First Bus new timetable – service 11: Changes not working. KCC receiving complaints via website. Collate & forward to councillors. Hopefully review after initial bedding in period. (although SD advised can’t review within 90 days). Route around village also causing problems for residents. Terminus not suitable.P&Rnew service terminating at ARI also not working either. Appears to be even fewer cars at P&R indicating less passengers using service than ever before.  Ticket allows 1 onward journey at cost of £3 return – should be advertised more.Prime 4/Drum – expressed utilising P&R. First may resurrect service in future?Advise public to write direct to First, copy councillors & KCC.

Stagecoach: SD advised positive ongoing discussions.


Planning & Environmental Issues
West Huxterstone: Out for public consultation for 4 weeks only – should have been 6 weeks. Should not have gone to public consultation. KCC not had time to advertise to public. Back to committee November.Write to acting director of education, Charlie Penman & Dr Bochel expressing concerns. Copy chief executive.School roll due to go over capacity next year – ACC did not expect West 1 development to accommodate families with children but that not case. Current primary school role will peak 2018. Suggest delay West Huxterstone development until school role naturally drops. There is a public consultation on review of school estates in progress.
SD advised ACC are improving masterplan process procedural issues. Raise concerns through Forum.
Ardene Vet Site: Pre-planning application on website from Kingswells Development Company (KDC) for 3 story office block & 350 car park spaces. (realistic figure is 465 cars for size of site). Prime 4/Drum not aware of KDC application. Concerns re 2nd access road off A944 – developers should be working together. Public consultation: Tues 27thNov at Fourmile 3-8pm drop-in.Still problems on ACC website waiting for documents on-line – reduces consultation period.
Prime 4/Drum site visit:Tom, Stan, John & Ian attended. Positive meeting. Overall looked promising. Drainage system in place. Moved sewer line. Denburn new water course – better than before. Offer of landscape architect to be made available to meet with KCC – trees to be replaced.Apache building:  white retaining wall is underground parking, so the building currently looks larger than the finished building. Extensive use of gabions with facing stones individually placed illustrates the quality expected from this development.Drum will be working on a planning application for a plot on the northern boundary of the site in the near future. KCC is concerned about the visual impact of the site from the north, and hope to work with Drum to achieve an acceptable outcome.
West 1; View of washing from main road eyesore. Should be screened. Number of issues need to be addressed including  suds pond, formal footpath from Fairley Road & car park returned to landscaping.Garages at Edmond Gardens; children playing football & being used as cut through. Concerns of dykes being damaged.


No change




Developer Donations to political parties: P&J 6.10.12 featured story re donations. John to raise at forum.


Community Council Elections: 1 member short. Would be ideal to recruit from new Barratt or West 1 developments to have representation throughout village. Everyone to keep in mind anyone who could fill position.


Bottom of Bridal Path: Scottish Water exposed hole for over a year. Ivan to investigate.


Walkabout: Date:11th Oct? Alex to contact Stan


SMG maintenance: CM awaiting response from Mike Milne re e-mail sent 10.09.12 re ongoing maintenance issues. CM to chase.


KCC: As it is the last meeting of the present KCC, Chair thanked those members who have worked hard over the last three years on KCC. Special thanks to Colleen, who will not be standing again, for all her hard work and commitment over that last 4 years with KCC.  Her contribution has been much appreciated.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 12th November 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22.05.



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    Kingswells Community Council Minutes October 2012