Kingswells Community Council Minutes April 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 9th April, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), John Gerrie, Meg Sands, Ivan Tonna, Tom Straiton
Apologies: Sam Stafrace
/ Observers:
Lord Provost Peter Stephen





Introduction by Chair


Police Report
No Police report provided.
Any other police business:Pavement parkingKingswells has recurring problem of cars parking on pavements which obstructs pedestrian access. Alan took this matter up with city wardens but they don’t have powers or authority to deal with this as it is not within their remit. It is a police matter. Alan made contact with Sgt Kevin Murray who advised that police can only take action if someone makes a complaint. It is not presently unlawful to park on a pavement unless someone cannot walk or push pram past. But there is soon to be the introduction of a bill to make parking on pavements illegal. Alan contacted MSP Brian Adam for support. Most streets in Kingswells are not wide enough to allow 2 cars to park adjacent, hence why cars park on kerb. Cul-de-sacs have particular problem.

How to progress issue: Submit article in next KCN to highlight problem and ask residents to park considerately, have common sense & not cause obstruction. Highlight extreme cases: parking over driveway – breach of road regulations.

Problem also with vehicles driving on soft grass verges causing damage to grass. Council vehicles appear to be particular offenders.



Dog Mess along cycle lane beside Fourmile continuing problem. Already previously reported to ACC: clean up was to be done. Article in KCN April edition. ACC dog bins to be provided in next financial year.


Members of the public


Peter has had reply from Stagecoach re 18/218 service re suggestion to incorporate loop system around P&R/Fairley Road to provide service for Kingswells: Westhill passengers not prepared to add 4minutes to journey time to loop Kingswells. But Stagecoach will keep suggestion on priority list. If circumstances change – willing to reconsider.Another area of Scotland saw local residents take action themselves and run bus service with lottery funding.Prime Four – First bus to provide service to business park. This is written in development traffic assessment. It is planned for buses to enter by the existing bus entrance to the Park & Ride and to cross into the development. This would be a ‘high level’ road and would probably require a bridge which would be funded by Drum. The Park and Ride bus from Aberdeen would go to the P&R before travelling around the Prime Four development. In the evening peak, the P&R route would start from Prime Four.

As this is the last KCC meeting Peter will attend as Councillor, thanks and appreciation were expressed for the tremendous support, time and effort he has given KCC.


Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved with one amendment: Representatives/Observers: Steve Delaney “Chair of Sheddocksley Community Council”.Colleen is to take over the role of Minutes Secretary with immediate effect.

Grateful thanks to Ian for fulfilling this role for a number of years.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting
Village Centre Maintenance: It was noted that Councillor Len Ironside’s article in KCN April edition stated that he would like to see ACC maintain village centre and “issue the bill to the landlords” and is pursuing this matter.Hanging Baskets: All 6 lamposts funded by Graham Bone of Drum Group. Thank you article in next KCN. ACC to install hanging baskets 2nd week June.



Planning & Environmental Issues
Update ACC planning website:Alan was given several different reasons why planning documents are not available on website: not enough staff, IT problem with move to Marischal College, software engineers new software installed didn’t work. ACC Website states: “Due to technical problems”. But problem seems to be resolved and there is a big improvement lately. Software working better.It was noted that objection letters are uploaded on ACC website quickly too.
MAIDENCRAIGOverview: Pretty well thought out and on the surface quite well planned: Landscaping good – care over nature reserve. Suds ponds incorporated.Developer wanted to include primary school but ACC said no – cannot presently fund another school build. Children to be zoned to Kingsford/Fernilea – KCC questioned capacity/spare places?? And concerns about distance to walk.

Development to be built outwards from Sheddocksley starting with lower cost housing. Larger houses towards edge of development.

General feeling was that the public/residents of Sheddocksley who attended had concerns & are extremely unhappy re various issues including: house styles eg: flat roofs, highly coloured walls.

Detached homes on plan appeared as ‘strange shaped’ bungalows.

There seemed to be no provision made for energy conservation – solar panels etc.

Concerns re traffic. Transport impact/Lang Stracht – Enough land around development being left for future dual carriageway if required at a later date. The road has main traffic controlled junction at Dobbies with two additional left in, left out junctions.

Ian to contact Steve Delaney
SUDS PONDSBarratts Development– Old Skene Road: Members of KCC had visited suds pond recently now that development is complete. Questions raised re its design/use. Pipes can be seen. Need to re-look at plans. Barrie to investigate and report back.(Need to set up RA)

Stewart Milne Group (SMG) – Pony Field. Suds pond expected to be 90% dry. Described as “dry basin” by SMG. This has only been a pretence to provide biodiversity. What can we do? Contact Fairhurst?? Must wait for development to finish.

(Lock block road confirmed to be adopted by ACC).

Prime Four – Suds Pond planned for development seems well designed.

FAIRLEY ROAD (OP42)Public exhibition was held at Fourmile 26thMarch.Questions were raised re reopening of Lang Stracht. Map states: potential vehicle access for 30 houses but KCC feel no need to use Lang Stracht. Next meeting scheduled for 22 May will have layout plan.

KCC need to put in writing concerns & views to Graham Homes/SMG eg: green space network along burn – no dry basins, screening trees, house styles etc. Those who attended exhibition are asked to relay points to Ian who will collate views & prepare response.

2 fields to east of designated area still concern KCC despite ACC reassurances.






WEST 1Technical standards questioned. John to write to Building Control. John


Only expense this month was £19.67 for ink. Accounts will be prepared for AGM scheduled in June.Ron asked if expenses could be categorised by member name. It was explained that this level of detail was not appropriate.Post Minute Note: Community Council Liaison Officer at ACC was consulted and she confirmed the level of detail presented in KCC’s accounts was more than adequate.


KCC meetings:Request to avoid public holiday dates for future meetings.
LitterNorth East clean-up planned for May 16thinvolving Kingswells School; council staff, individuals.Tom to contact Steven Shaw ACC to advise what areas he’s cleared of litter already – no point covering same area.

Tom cleaned up biodiversity area, woods & field. Serveral black bags were required indicating the size of the problem. The contents were mainly children’s sweetie wrappers & aftermath of “camp out”. Biodiversity area alongside school playground has lots of dog mess – not suitable for use by school children for teaching purposes.

Dog Mess: Press should publicise figures of fines to highlight that ACC prosecute repeat offenders and encourage dog walkers to pick up after their pet. (again, article featured in April KCN).


Bus Shelter vandalism. Light fitting ripped out. ACC to be informed in need of repair.


Bucksburn Energy ConferenceTom attended on behalf of KCC. Other attendees also included many other community groups & North Sea oil companies.5 pupils spoke of their involvement with John Muir Award projects (Sclattie Woods, Fyvie Castle etc), renewable energy & establishing good business links.
Public consultation for the establishment of CC’sKCC’s only comment was boundary change. It is now out for public consultation for next 6 weeks. Ron was passed the paperwork recently received.
Kingswells Parish Minister – position filled?
Professional Business Club (PBC):Proposal to initiate a PBC in Kingswells.Kingswells not big enough for a Rotary Club, therefore this may be an alternative opportunity for professionals from the business community to come together locally.

Proposed club to meet: once week/month.

Objective: meet with like minded people.


New MemberWe welcomed our newest member (Ivan) and all members introduced themselves and gave a brief outline of what they brought to KCC.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 14th May 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22.20.



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