Kingswells Community Council Minutes August 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 13th August, 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Colleen Manson (Vice Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Ian Cox (Secretary), John Gerrie, Ron Howie, Stan McEwan, Tom Straiton, Alex Carnie (part time), Ivan Tonna
Apologies: Meg Sands, Sam Stafrace, Barrie Buchan (Chair),Councillor Steve Delaney (SD)
/ Observers:
Councillor David Cameron (DC)Oliver Berrow, Aberdeen Journals ReporterSgt Kev Murray from the Police1 member of the public





Introduction by Chair
Colleen read a statement prepared by Barrie:“Karen Riddoch, ACC, contacted me on the 30th July to state that Ron could be reinstated onto KCC and his email address added to the KCC email distribution list. Police have concluded matters concerning complaints as mentioned in Section 1 of draft June minutes.” 
Barrie Buchan (Chair)




Police report was circulated by email. Kingswells continues to have very little crime.


Operation Trinity is dealing with motor cycle / antisocial behaviour incidents.


The speeding on the A944 is not bad enough to justify a speeding camera. The police will continue to monitor.


Tom advised that historically when the kids go back to school the number of incidents tend to increase, and asked the police to be aware.



There was a report of mini motos in the Kingswells area, but the police advised that they were not aware of any reported incidents.


There was a car rally event with approx. 400 cars at the Park and Ride. The event was approved by ACC and although some departments of the police were aware of the event the local police were not.KCC reported that they had no prior knowledge of the event, but had received reports of noise, and were aware  a considerable mess was left after the event. ACC were contacted and they tidied up quickly after the event. There were also reports that some cars had left tyre marks after wheelie and hand brake turn stunts were performed.


Members of the public
The Countesswells Consortium presented the latest plans for the development. As KCC had no time to form an opinion all comments made by members should be considered as personal.The public will be consulted on the plans in 3 public events on 6th to 8th September.
Resident reported that there is an issue around the gas substation near the zebra crossing on Kingswood Drive. Grass has been damaged with the use of chemicals. The grass has turned a bright orange colour. The issue will be added to Stan’s report to ACC.





Stan and Alex have prepared a report on the ground maintenance and road condition around Kingswells. The report would be passed to David.



Martin Smith at ACC is happy to take part in a walkabout in Kingswells.


The quality of grass cutting was reported to be poor with cuttings left on pavements and roads, and blocking drains.


Stan requested a copy of the schedule of grass cutting for Kingswells and the budget for grass cutting. There was a feeling that private contractors could do a better job than ACC.



Alan advised that any future issues with illegal encampments of Travellers should be dealt with using trespass law. David is to take this forward.



KCC advised that they had not received minutes of the recent meeting with David Wright of ACC and Adventure Aberdeen and others re the future plans for the old football pitch on Fairley Road. David is to chase.



Approval of minutes
“I wish for my dissent to be recorded regarding item 1 Chair’s Statement. I wish for the following statement to be included as an explanation for my dissent:The Draft Kingswells Community Council minute has been in the public domain since 11 July 2012. Item 1 contains a number of misleading inaccuracies. Damaging to my reputation.

A reply from Grampian Police Compliance Manager to my Freedom of Information Request which was dated 12 June 2012. Reveals that there is no record, on the Force Systems, of any police investigation regarding these allegations. The term Police Investigation implies a level of serious police involvement that has never existed and is included without justification.”

KCC reserved the right of reply. The reply is as follows:

As Chair of KCC, it is my duty to ensure that members of the public who have real concerns report these to the police. I acted as an intermediary in this case. It is then of no concern to KCC what action the police implement to deal with these complaints.

I also have a duty to report any public concerns with KCC members to ACC’s Community Council Liaison Officer.

A community councillor cannot be removed from office, however, the majority of KCC members supported a vote of no confidence in Mr Howie continuing as a Community Councillor, but he has not offered his resignation.  
Barrie Buchan (Chair)

The minutes of the June meeting could not be approved as the meeting was not quorate.

The June minutes were approved by the majority of KCC with 1 vote against. Ron’s dissent was noted.

The July minutes were approved by the majority of KCC with 1 vote against. Ron’s dissent was noted.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting




Planning & Environmental Issues
KCC subgroup had met with ACC to discuss the core paths around Kingswells. There are no funds available to progress the upgrade of Core Path 42 that connects to Path 33 to Brimmond Hill, however work will progress the identification of landowners and assess the work required for the upgrade to take place. There are several pinch points where the path will require to be widened and areas that require drainage.


KCC subgroup met with ACC to discuss potential additional paths in Kingswells. The paths would not be Core Paths, but could connect to existing Core Paths.A path through the woods from Kingswood Drive to the south of Kingswood Avenue leading to the Core Path near Gillahill. The work required is extensive and would be considered a standalone project. ACC would revisit the site and assess the work required and the likely costs. Land owners and neighbouring residents would have to be consulted.Other paths near Corse Wynd could potentially make connections with the paths beside the Bucksburn Valley, and the Core Path network. The work could be done in up to 3 phases depending on funding available. The most adventurous could link Corse Avenue and nearby Kingswells Crescent to the Core Path network.  ACC would revisit the site and assess the work required and the likely costs. Land owners are likely to be ACC and SMG.ACC to come back to KCC when more information is available.  













Chair’s Reportwas previously circulated by email. The report was accepted as presentedAccountswere approved by the auditor and presented to KCC. The accounts were approved for submission to ACC.

AOCB there were no items for AOCB.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 10th September 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 10:30pm due to the extended time taken by Countesswells. All other business is to be carried forward to next meeting.



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    Kingswells Community Council Minutes August 2012


  1. You have already been advised that the Core Path will be progressed when funding is available.

    The funds for non-core paths come from a different pot.

  2. Core Path Network
    No. Not interested.
    Just finish what was already started before embarking on any other new schemes.

  3. The community deserves to know what Ron Howie has done & why he will not go.

  4. CORE PATH 42
    It comes as no surprise that “there are no funds available to progress the upgrade of Core Path 42 that connects to Path 33 to Brimmond Hill” yet there will be for connecting all the others.
    It is such a shame that we have Brimmond Hill Country Park on our doorstep.

    My original request was for a sign post & then it escalates into a bigger project than the AWPR!!!

    Identifying the land owners are likely to be ACC & SMG.
    It’s not a difficult task working this one out.

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